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  • Stuff Victor Says

    Stuff Victor Says

    Hey you over there! Yeah you. Did you hear what Victor said?

  • Jade's Jump!

    Jade's Jump!

    House of Anubis star Jade Ramsey rocks out with her signature dance move, the 'One-Handed Jump!'

  • Next Time on Anubis?!

    Next Time on Anubis?!

    Jerome's hair gel goes missing? Victor lets everyone stay up ALL night? Here's what WON'T happen next week on House of Anubis!

  • Anubis Sneak Peek?!

    Anubis Sneak Peek?!

    Mara gets a B+ on her exam and Eddie chats with Corbiere. Here's what won't happen on the next House of Anubis!

  • Anubis Cast Raps the Line!

    Anubis Cast Raps the Line!

    Who knew Alexandra Shipp and Burkely Duffield had so much flow!?

  • Where's the Loo?!

    Where's the Loo?!

    One of Ana's Anubis castmates seems to have made a VERY smelly mistake on set...

  • OMA, Say What!?

    OMA, Say What!?

    See this exclusive, never-aired footage with Fabian, Patricia and Joy in House of Anubis! Or, maybe this is a Conversation That Never Happened.

  • House of Entrapment: Miss Cool for School

    House of Anubis: "House of Entrapment: Miss Cool for School"

    It's non-uniform day and Joy is showing off her Amber-inspired outfit!

  • House of Entrapment: Man in the Tank

    House of Anubis: "House of Entrapment: Man in the Tank"

    Fabian might know the identity of the mysterious person in the tank!

  • House of Anubis: "Amber Gets Caught!

    House of Anubis: "House of Trickery: Amber Gets Caught!"

    Amber gets caught by Ms. Denby snooping around! How will Amber get out of this situation?

  • "House of Trickery: Iron Stomach"

    House of Anubis: "House of Trickery: Iron Stomach"

    Jerome is facing the consequences of eating all of Willow's food.

  • House of Pi: Decoding The Message

    House of Anubis: "House of Pi: Decoding The Message"

    A house or a barn? What does the symbol of Pi mean for the Anubis gang?

  • House of Pi: Just Friends?

    House of Anubis: "House of Pi: Just Friends?"

    Joy's world comes crashing down when Fabian rejects her!

  • House of Truth: Visions

    House of Anubis: "House of Truth: Visions"

    Eddie tells Fabian about his "day-mares"! Is Anubis House telling Eddie something?

  • House of Truth: Anything for Amber

    House of Anubis: "House of Truth: Anything for Amber"

    Alfie will do anything to keep Amber happy, even if he has to steal from Victor!

  • Episode 2: House of Presents

    House of Anubis: "House of Presents"

    Victor doesn't realize that his parcel is in Amber's pile of birthday presents. Eddie demands answers from KT.

  • Episode 1: House of Arrivals

    House of Anubis: "House of Arrivals"

    It's a whole new year of new adventures for the Sibuna Gang!

  • House of Arrivals: Birthday Drama

    House of Anubis: "House of Arrivals: Birthday Drama"

    It's Amber's birthday, but nobody seems to notice!

  • House of Arrivals: Reunion

    House of Anubis: "House of Arrivals: Reunion"

    The kids of Anubis House are reunited for a new term and new adventures!

  • House of Arrivals: Girl In My Dream

    House of Anubis: "House of Arrivals: Girl In My Dream"

    Eddie introduces himself to KT in the smoothest way possible!

  • House of Freedom: The Final Stand

    House of Anubis: "House of Freedom: The Final Stand"

    Nina's bravery puts her at risk, can Osiris save her from the clutches of Senkara?

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