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  • Noah's Dirty Sweat Socks!

    Noah's Dirty Sweat Socks!

    You can put it on your head! You can make a slingshot! Even use it as a puppet! It's Noah's disgustingly-gross-stinkfilled socks!

  • Explore Swindell's Shop

    Explore Swindell's Shop

    Chris O'Neal and Noah Munck give you a super secret special tour of Swindell's shop!

  • How To Be A Good Neighbor!

    How To Be A Good Neighbor!

    Our Nick Stars show by example, some tips on being a good neighbor!

  • Noah Munck's The Noah

    Noah Munck's The Noah

    Noah Munck reveals his secret on the ultimate dance move: The Noah.

  • U.F.Oh No!

    U.F.Oh No!

    Help! Max Schneider's getting abducted by aliens!! Where's Noah Munck when you need him?

  • This Magic Moment!

    This Magic Moment!

    Jennette McCurdy has a few magic tricks up her sleeve. Lucas Cruikshank has a few magic tricks up his ear.

  • Nick Du Jour!

    Nick Du Jour!

    The iCarly and Victorious have cooked up a very...tasty menu for you today!

  • Jerry's Joke!

    Jerry's Joke!

    Jerry Trainor lets you in on his favorite joke.

  • The Gibby Song

    The Gibby Song

    Gibby performs the song of his people.

  • Gutter Talk with Jerry Trainor

    Gutter Talk with Jerry Trainor

    Jerry Trainor hangs out with some pinheads.

  • Jerry Look Out!

    Jerry Look Out!

    Jerry Trainor's dreaming up his perfect vacation! Be careful what you wish for, Jerry...

  • Jerry Lays Down the Law!

    Jerry Lays Down the Law!

    Jerry Trainor gives a very stern shout out to his dog.

  • Jerry's Perfect Day

    Jerry's Perfect Day

    Jerry Trainor has some dangerously good ideas for his perfect day. But will all go as planned?

  • Jokes with Jennette

    Jokes with Jennette

    Jennette McCurdy's a real stand-up gal! Watch her in action.

  • Jerry Trainor: Hamburger Hero!

    Jerry Trainor: Hamburger Hero!

    Jerry Trainor has the tastiest superpower of all time.

  • iGoodbye: A Final Smooch

    iCarly: "iGoodbye: A Final Smooch"

    The final iCarly web show is topped off with a major Creddie smooch!

  • iCan't Thank You Enough!

    iCan't Thank You Enough!

    Miranda, Jennette, Jerry, Nathan, and Noah want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the fans!

  • iGoodbye: Big Phone

    iCarly: "iGoodbye: Big Phone"

    Gibby gives Freddie a hard time about his new phone.

  • Nathan and Noah's First Day Jitters!

    Nathan and Noah's First Day Jitters!

    Aww! See baby Nathan Kress and Noah Munck's first day on the iCarly set!

  • What's Miranda's Favorite Line?

    What's Miranda's Favorite Line?

    Care to know Miranda Cosgrove's favorite line from the entire iCarly show? Find out here!

  • iCarly Gets Remixed

    iCarly Gets Remixed: "So Wonderful"

    Your favorite iCarly moments in one place, in one song. It was "so wonderful!"

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!