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  • Extra Scoop: Hand Jive

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Hand Jive"

    This hand jive fever is sweeping the "iCarly" set!

  • iHeart Art

    iCarly: "iHeart Art"

    After his fave artist disses his work, Spencer completely loses his motivation!

  • iAm Your Biggest Fan

    iCarly: "iAm Your Biggest Fan"

    iCarly's biggest fan has taken her love of the show a little too far...

  • iPromise Not to Tell

    iCarly: "iPromise Not to Tell"

    When Sam cheats, Carly and Freddie decide to come clean.

  • Extra Scoop: Green Room

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Green Room"

    The Green Room has everything: Magazines, video games and dorks!

  • Extra Scoop: The Studio

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "The Studio"

    Jennette shows YOU around the set!

  • iRue the Day

    iCarly: "iRue the Day"

    Spencer saves the lead singer of The Plain White T's life!

  • Extra Scoop: The Plain White T's

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "The Plain White T's"

    The Plain White T's are LIVE and on "iCarly"!

  • iWant a World Record

    iCarly: "iWant a World Record"

    Spencer sculpts while the kids try and make it into the history books!

  • iWant to Date Freddie

    iCarly: "iWant to Date Freddie"

    Freddie's dating an iCarly fan!

  • iSpy a Mean Teacher

    iCarly: "iSpy a Mean Teacher Sneak Peek"

    Carly decides to document what teachers do on their days off.

  • Extra Scoop: Jennette's Birthday

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Jennette's Birthday"

    The cast of "iCarly" sends Jennette some birthday surprises!

  • Extra Scoop: Toot Toot

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Toot Toot"

    Jerry Trainer: Actor/Professional Fart Noise Maker.

  • Extra Scoop: Nathan's Spare Time

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Nathan's Spare Time"

    Nathan spends his spare time crushing his co-stars in video game tournaments!

  • iScream for Halloween

    iCarly: "iScream on Halloween"

    Is the iCarly studio haunted??

  • Extra Scoop: Nathan's Wart

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Nathan's Wart"

    No one wants to touch Nathan's fake wart.

  • Extra Scoop: iScream, You Scream

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "iScream, You Scream"

    The cast of iCarly sets their site for a SPOOKY Halloween episode!

  • iNevel

    iCarly: "iNevel"

    Will the popular "Nevelosity" blog give iCarly a good review?

  • Extra Scoop: Fladoodles

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Fladoodles"

    What exactly are Fladoodles? Moose meat? Rice cakes? Caramel popcorn?

  • iWant to Stay With Spencer

    iCarly: "iWant to Stay With Spencer"

    Carly and Spencer's grandfather makes a surprise visit!

  • Extra Scoop: Larger Sized Cameras

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Larger Sized Cameras"

    Miranda's very concerned about camera sizes...

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