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  • Skydiving!

    iCarly: "iGo to Japan: Skydiving!"

    Carly and the gang will have to take a leap of faith if they want to land in Tokyo!

  • Jerry's Magic Shoe

    Jerry's Magic Shoe

    Jerry Trainor's got some fishy things stuck in his shoe.

  • Betcha Didn't Know - Lulu Antariksa: Fortune Cookie

    Betcha Didn't Know - Lulu Antariksa: Fortune Cookie

    Lulu tells a time when she got a very accurate fortune cookie.

  • iCarly Gets Spooked!

    iCarly Gets Spooked!

    The iCarly crew list off the things their favorite things about Halloween.

  • iFind Spencer Friends: Bowling Buddies

    iCarly: "iFind Spencer Friends: Bowling Buddies"

    Spencer needs some new pals like he needs a new bowling ball.

  • Jerry and Emma Stone Sitting in a Tree...

    Jerry and Emma Stone Sitting in a Tree...

    Jerry Trainor tells us about his favorite iCarly guest star Emma Stone, and blushes a little bit.

  • "iGet Banned: Freddie and Gibby's Band"

    iCarly: iGet Banned: "Freddie and Gibby's Band"

    Sam helps Freddie and Gibby name their band.

  • "iShock America: The Invitation of a Lifetime"

    iCarly: "iShock America: The Invitation of a Lifetime"

    Jimmy Fallon invites the iCarly crew to be guests on his show while Tina Fey does tech support.

  • "iShock America: Fallon Over Me?"

    iCarly: "iShock America: Fallon Over Me?"

    Spencer makes it clear to his date where his priorities lie.

  • iBattle Chip: Butter Sock Takedown!

    iCarly: "iBattle Chip: Butter Sock Takedown!"

    Sam makes use of a butter sock when a bully goes too far.

  • Best iCarly Moments Ever!

    iCarly - Best Moments Ever Playlist!

    It's official - these are the best iCarly moments ever!

  • iPear Store: Fiery Apology

    iCarly: "iPear Store: Fiery Apology"

    Spencer apologizes to the local firemen for "accidentally" starting so many fires.

  • Halfoween: Making a Holiday

    iCarly: "Halfoween: Making a Holiday"

    That's it - iCarly is declaring a second Halloween! Carve half a pumpkin and laugh at half a Gibby, it's Halfoween time!

  • iOpen a Restaurant: Red Pepper Recipes

    iCarly: "iOpen a Restaurant: Red Pepper Recipes"

    Gibby's new restaurant is the hottest place to eat in town. Just ask Carly!

  • iCarly: It's Gibby Week!

    iCarly: It's Gibby Week!

    In honor of Gibby week let's watch some silly, shirtless, Gib-tastic moments!

  • iGo One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful

    iCarly: "iGo One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful"

    The One Direction boys rock iCarly with "What Makes You Beautiful", but will they survive mega-fans Sam and Gibby?

  • iGo One Direction: Jungle Worms!

    iCarly: "iGo One Direction: Jungle Worms!"

    Carly freaks out when she realizes that the world's biggest pop band - One Direction - can't perform because she gave Harry "jungle worms"!

  • iApril Fool's: Moody Carly

    iCarly: "iApril Fool's: Moody Carly"

    Carly is a pretty upbeat gal...until she sees a platter of stuffed mushrooms!

  • Behind the Scenes of the iCarly Soundtrack!

    iCarly: Behind the Scenes of the iCarly Soundtrack!

    The cast of iCarly shares their newest soundtrack with us, and maybe a few dance moves too! Enjoy this awesome behind the scenes look!

  • iToe Fat Cakes: Bath Disaster!

    iCarly: "iToe Fat Cakes: Bath Disaster!"

    Carly sets the record for worst date in history when she gets her toe stuck in the bath faucet!

  • iMeet the First Lady: Random Dancing with the First Lady!

    iCarly: "iMeet the First Lady: Random Dancing with the First Lady!"

    Michelle Obama joins in some very random dancing with a troop of Secret Service agents and iCarly!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!