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  • iPity the Nevel: A Bread and Butter Pickle

    iCarly: "iPity the Nevel: A Bread and Butter Pickle"

    Nevel finds himself in a real "pickle" after an incriminating video is posted online.

  • "Dancing Crazy" Music Video

    Miranda Cosgrove: "Dancing Crazy" Music Video

    Miranda is dancing crazy - don't miss the fun!

  • iHire an Idiot: Sculpture Scam

    iCarly: "iHire an Idiot: Sculpture Scam"

    Spencer tricks his granddad into believing that his art is being displayed at a museum.

  • iHire an Idiot: Baby Borrower

    iCarly: "iHire an Idiot: Baby Borrower"

    Freddie's foxy intern shows up to work with a baby. Where did it come from?!

  • iHire an Idiot: The Goodest Looking Intern

    iCarly: "iHire an Idiot: The Goodest Looking Intern"

    Carly and Sam ignore traits like intelligence, and hire the hottest intern they can find.

  • iStart a Fan War: Adam in Slow Motion

    iCarly: "iStart a Fan War: Adam in Slow Motion"

    Everything moves in slow-motion when Carly sees her new crush Adam, including her brain.

  • iStart a Fan War: Web Chat with Adam

    iCarly: "iStart a Fan War: Web Chat with Adam"

    Carly chats with Adam, but will the whole "Creddie" hoopla cause a problem?

  • iStart a Fan War: Battle Song

    iCarly: "iStart a Fan War: Battle Song"

    Spencer has a medieval musical showdown with a barbarian played by Jack Black.

  • iStart a Fan War: Showdown

    iCarly: "iStart a Fan War: Showdown"

    World Of Warlords heroes Aruthor and Aspartame size each other up at WebiCon.

  • iStart a Fan War: Battle Boys

    iCarly: "iStart a Fan War: Battle Boys"

    The epic battle between Aspartamy & Auruthor is interrupted by a captured Carly.

  • iStart a Fan War: Creddie Vs. Seddie

    iCarly: "iStart a Fan War: Creddie Vs. Seddie"

    The iCarly crew faces a mob of riled up fans who think they're caught in a love triangle.

  • iWant To Date Freddie: Wild Wild Vest

    iCarly: "iWant To Date Freddie: Wild Wild Vest"

    Freddie shakes his overprotective mom and gets some first date advice from Spencer.

  • iCook: Feed The Judge

    iCarly: "iCook: Feed The Judge"

    An iCarly spaghetti taco competition is decided by a panel of hungry judges.

  • iCook: Spaghetti Tacos

    iCarly: "iCook: Spaghetti Tacos"

    Carly and Sam do an iCarly cooking segment and start a culinary revolution.

  • iDo: iLove You

    iCarly: "iDo: iLove You"

    An iCarly superfan proposes to his girlfriend, live from the web show!

  • iDo: Shakespeare

    iCarly: "iDo: Shakespeare"

    Carly sings her heart out and saves an iCarly fan's wedding from crashing and burning.

  • iSell Penny Tees: Mini Mutiny

    iCarly: "iSell Penny Tees: Mini Mutiny"

    Sam attempts to make t-shirts herself after her mistreated crew walks out on her.

  • iSell Penny Tees: Kiss, Kiss Again

    iCarly: "iSell Penny Tees: Kiss, Kiss Again"

    On a date with a girl who speaks no English, Spencer speaks the language of love.

  • iGet Pranky: Feel The Rush

    iCarly: "iGet Pranky: Feel The Rush"

    Carly and Spencer lure Sam and Freddie into the perfect trap. They are not amused.

  • iSam's Mom: Tender Turds

    iCarly: "iSam's Mom: Tender Turds"

    Sam and her mom finally see eye to eye as Carly has a full-on panic attack.

  • iSam's Mom: Communicating

    iCarly: "iSam's Mom: Communicating"

    Sam's had enough of her mom's irresponsible ways, and moves in with Carly.

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