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  • Leave it All to Me REMIX

    Miranda Cosgrove: "Leave it All to Me REMIX"

    Miranda gets a little help from her friends with a Remix of "Leave it All to Me!

  • iCarly Saves TV

    iCarly: " iCarly Saves TV"

    A big time producer wants to put iCarly on TV...but his offer comes with strings attached!

  • Leave it All to Me

    Miranda Cosgrove: "Leave it All to Me"

    Miranda gets a little help from her friends in her WORLD PREMIERE music video!

  • iFence

    iCarly: "iFence"

    In need of some guy time, Freddie & Spencer go fencing together!

  • Dating Advice

    iCarly: "Dating Advice"

    Spencer gives Freddie some first date advice!

  • Jake Singing

    iCarly: "Jake Singing"

    Jake serenades that iCarly audience!

  • Second Husband

    iCarly: "Second Husband"

    Freddie doesn't need a robot girlfriend because Carly will be his wife in 20 years!

  • iMight Switch Schools

    iCarly: "iMight Switch Schools"

    Carly's been given a scholarship to an elite private school!

  • Cast of iCarly Tip #3

    Big Green Help: "Cast of iCarly Tip #3"

    Follow these practice moves and YOU can help slow the flow when it counts!

  • iStakeout

    iCarly: "iStakeout"

    Freddy's lost a bet and now he has to get a tattoo!

  • iGot Detention

    iCarly: "iGot Detention"

    Sam gets detention on the night of iCarly's 50th web show spectacular!

  • iPromote Techfoots

    iCarly: "iPromote Techfoots"

    iCarly has its first sponsorship...

  • Extra Scoop: Spit Take

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Spit Take"

    And now, Miranda Cosgrove's guide to Spit Takes. Please enjoy.

  • Extra Scoop: Deja Jerry

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Deja Jerry"

    Jerry Trainer explains why iCarly is so awesome!

  • Extra Scoop: Tongue Twister

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Tongue Twister"

    Can Jeanette pass the tongue twisting challenge?

  • iDon't Want to Fight

    iCarly: "iDon't Want to Fight"

    Spencer's fish will never go hungry again!

  • iHatch Chicks

    iCarly: "iHatch Chicks"

    Oh no! Chicks are on the loose in the apartment!

  • TEENick: Behind the Scenes with Miranda Cosgrove

    TEENick: Behind the Scenes with Miranda Cosgrove

    Between TRL, photo shoots and shopping, Miranda squeezes in time for the cameras!

  • iHate Sam's Boyfriend

    iCarly: "iHate Sam's Boyfriend"

    Sam and her new man are inseparable!

  • Extra Scoop: Nathan's Gear

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Nathan's Gear"

    Nathan geeks out over his character's tech tools!

  • Extra Scoop: Don't be Lame

    Extra Scoop: iCarly: "Don't be Lame"

    Jerry Trainer would be an AWESOME director!

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