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  • "Not That Far Away" Music Video

    Jennette McCurdy: "Not That Far Away"

    iCarly star Jennette McCurdy shows off new hidden talents in this amazing music video!

  • iGot a Hot Room: Voila!

    iCarly: "iGot a Hot Room: Voila!"

    The gang unveils Carly's fantasy bedroom, complete with an ice cream sandwich couch.

  • iGot a Hot Room: Fire!

    iCarly: "iGot a Hot Room: Fire!"

    Spencer is full of surprises! Check out his new do and see the hot present he got Carly.

  • iGot a Hot Room: Fuss On

    iCarly: "iGot a Hot Room: Fuss On"

    Surprise! Spencer, Sam, Freddie and Gibby throw Carly the perfect birthday party.

  • iBeat the Heat: Hot-Headed

    iCarly: "iBeat the Heat: Hot-Headed"

    When Carly's air conditioner breaks, tempers overheat and meltdowns are close behind.

  • iPsycho: Nora Is Nuts

    iCarly: "iPsycho: Nora Is Nuts"

    Carly, Sam & Freddie are locked in Nora's sound booth, and there's no way out! Help!

  • iPsycho: Peculiar Party

    iCarly: "iPsycho: Peculiar Party"

    Carly, Sam and Freddie meet a crazed fan named Nora and her creepy clown friend "Cramps."

  • Playlist: Go Psycho!

    Playlist: Go Psycho!

    Is there something in the water?! iCarly stars go loco left and right as iPsycho approaches.

  • iBelieve in Bigfoot: Forest Of Fear

    iCarly: "iBelieve in Bigfoot: Forest Of Fear"

    What's that? In the trees! Could it be Bigfoot? Watch the iCarly crew get totally spooked.

  • "iWon't Cancel the Show: Tear-Jerker"

    iCarly: "iWon't Cancel the Show: Tear-Jerker"

    Carly must discover Spencer's secret weakness to get him to help out on the show.

  • iThink They Kissed: Sam Snaps

    iCarly: "iThink They Kissed: Sam Snaps"

    When Freddie kisses Sam and tells Carly, he unleashes the full on fury of a woman scorned.

  • iBloop: Gettin Down

    iCarly: "iBloop: Gettin Down"

    Dance par-tay! The iCarly gang including a shirtless Gibby get their groove on.

  • iBloop: Take One...and Two

    iCarly: "iBloop: Take One...and Two"

    A newspaper flies in Miranda's face & Nathan's remote breaks in a set of iCarly outtakes!

  • Kissin U: Music Video

    Miranda Cosgrove: "Kissin U"

    Watch iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove's "Kissin' You" video and feel your senses come alive!

  • iFix a Pop Star: Damage Control

    iCarly: "iFix a Pop Star: Damage Control"

    Carly, Sam and Freddie scramble to save the performance of a sloppy, talentless pop star.

  • iFix a Pop Star: Mean Bringin

    iCarly: "iFix a Pop Star: Mean Bringin"

    Can't sing, can't move and looks bad. The makings of a pop star?

  • iFix a Pop Star: Fame and Freedom

    iCarly: "iFix a Pop Star: Fame and Freedom"

    Watch as Freddie gets famous and a roving gang of kids takes out the Statue Of Liberty!

  • iSpace Out: Cabin Fever

    iCarly: "iSpace Out: Cabin Fever"

    Space madness sets in when Carly, Freddie and Sam see just how small a shuttle can be.

  • iSpace Out

    iCarly: "iSpace Out"

    Carly and her crew fuh-reak out when a billionaire hires them to promote 'Spacecations.'

  • iWant a World Record

    iCarly: "iWant a World Record"

    Spencer sculpts while the kids make it into the history books!

  • Secret Crush Confessional: Miranda Advice

    Secret Crush Confessional: Miranda Advice

    Miranda Cosgrove helps a viewer who wants to tell his secret crush that he likes her.

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