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  • Embarassed, Meet Brett

    Jinxed: "Embarassed, Meet Brett"

    Meg Murphy has the worst luck, but could things be different with Brett?

  • Say What, Ciara?

    Jinxed: "Say What, Ciara?"

    What happened when Ciara Bravo was mobbed by a group of grandmas at the mall?!

  • Hay Ciara!

    Jinxed: "What the Sneeze: Hay Ciara!"

    What do you get when you combine Ciara Bravo, a horse, and a pig? Hay, let's find out!

  • Jinxed: Behind-The-Scenes!

    Jinxed: Behind-The-Scenes!

    Don't miss these exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at Nick's new hit movie, Jinxed!

  • Penny Problems

    Jinxed: "Penny Problems"

    Ciara Bravo learns the hard way that when you make a wish, you must be VERY specific.

  • Hijinx on Jinxed!

    Jinxed: "Prank Cam: Hijinx on Jinxed!"

    Jacob Bertrand turns Ciara Bravo's trailer into a prank war zone!

  • Ciara Bravo and Carlos Pena's Non-Joke!

    Ciara Bravo and Carlos Pena's Non-Joke!

    Ciara Bravo and Carlos Pena have some seriously unfunny jokes for you!

  • Ciara's Haunted Experience

    Ciara's Haunted Experience

    Ciara explains what it was like in a real haunted house.

  • Jinxed: Friday November 29th @ 7pm!

    Jinxed: Friday November 29th @ 7pm!

    Don't miss the most explosive event of the year when Jinxed premieres Friday, November 29th at 7pm!

  • A New Look for Jinxed!

    Jinxed: Behind the Scenes: "A New Look for Jinxed!"

    Things get a little shady when Jacob and Ciara try and switch places.

  • Hurricane Meg

    Jinxed: "Hurricane Meg"

    Meg Murphy isn't just a regular teenager, she's a walking disaster!

  • Rap Battle

    Jinxed: "Rap Battle"

    The Jinxed stars break it down on set with their rhyming and beatboxing skills!

  • Ciara's Favorite Ice Cream

    Betcha Didn't Know: Ciara's Favorite Ice Cream

    Get the scoop on Ciara's favorite ice cream flavor!

  • The Jinxed Cast Challenges You!

    Jinxed: The Jinxed Cast Challenges You!

    How many coins can you stack on your nose? Face off against the cast of Jinxed in this Nick Star Challenge!

  • Jinxed: Coming Soon!

    Jinxed: Coming Soon!

    Ciara Bravo's new movie is coming soon, so you better get ready to get Jinxed!

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!