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  • Ruby's Word

    WITS Academy: "Power Trip: Ruby's Word"

    Andi calls in her favor from Ruby to get Jessie's powers back, but Ruby isn't in the giving mood.

  • Foo Pancake Art

    Harvey Beaks: "Foo Pancake Art"

    Learn how to make a Foo pancake for all your friends!

  • Switcherooed

    WITS Academy: "Switcherooed"

    Andi, Ruby, Luke and all their WITs must work together in order to reverse a Switcheroo Spell on Ethan and Emily. But Ruby has everyone fooled as they play into her plot.

  • Serpentco/Chrome Dome

    Sanjay and Craig: "Serpentco/Chrome Dome"

    Sanjay and Craig go on a quest to find the top of a lawyer’s head from a roadside billboard advertisement. The dudes go undercover with Tufflips to investigate a crime ring that’s pirating action hero’s movies.

  • Gauntlet of Humiliation

    Pig Goat Banana Cricket: "Gauntlet of Humiliation"

    Pig Goat Banana and Cricket each have their own adventure to replace their busted TV. Pig gets a job at Sky Burger. Goat enters a talent show. Banana concocks a fragrance. Cricket invents a total immersion TV.

  • Icky Chicky

    Harvey Beaks: "Icky Chicky"

    Having outgrown his favorite baby toy, Harvey gives it to Foo. But letting go of his childhood turns out to be harder than he thought.

  • Double G's Dream

    Game Shakers: "Tiny Pickles: Double G's Dream"

    Babe and Kenzie are on the Helen Show to announce a new game, but Double G decides to take over.

  • Scene Lottery

    100 Things to Do Before High School: "Scene Lottery"

    It's time to play the 100 Things Random Scene Slot Machine: Emoji Edition!

  • Solo Kid Danger

    Henry Danger: "Solo Kid Danger"

    Captain Man is on vacation so it's up to Kid Danger to take care of crime in the city. Is he up to the task?

  • Best Friends Pancake Art

    Sanjay and Craig: "Best Friends Pancake Art"

    Sanjay and Craig can never be without one other, even in pancake form!

  • Music Video

    Liar, Liar Vampire: "Music Video"

    Here's the music video for Liar, Liar Vampire, featuring "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift!

  • Baby King

    Baby King

    He's a baby, and he's the king. You can try to impress him, but you might get thrown in THE PIT!

  • Scary Godparents

    The Fairly OddParents: "Scary Godparents"

    It's Halloween and Timmy is a mummy, wrapped in toilet paper and Trick or Treating with Vicky as his chaperone.

  • Big Time Halloween

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Halloween"

    Carlos, James, Logan and Kendall are re-imagined as big time monsters. It's scary good!

  • Hide and Go Hex

    WITS Academy: "Hide and Go Hex"

    Andi and Jessie search for Hex. Meanwhile, the Blockers competition commences and Ruby hunts for a spell that will return her to the Roots Room.

  • My Annoying Boss

    Henry Danger: "My Annoying Boss"

    Henry can't do anything right... at least thats what Ray thinks.

  • Tricked Out Treats

    The Thundermans: "Tricked Out Treats"

    Kira Kosarin from "The Thundermans" is going to show you how to create spooky decorations to impress all the neighbors!

  • Watch Harvey Grow

    Harvey Beaks: "Watch Harvey Grow"

    Ever wonder how animations are made? In this Sketch to Screen clip, you get to see the storyboards alongside a finished scene from the episode "Icky Chicky".

  • Outsiders

    Short Toons: "Outsiders"

    Gerald is annoyed at Miles for dragging him out to the woods for a "dance" emergency. But they have to work together when a bear attacks!

  • Girls' Night

    Bella and the Bulldogs: "Girls' Night"

    Bella, Sophie, and Pepper plot the perfect revenge when a boy who wronged Bella winds up delivering their pizza during their sleepover. Newt and Sawyer help Troy move in to his new dorm, but they begin to overstay their welcome.

  • The Root of All Evil

    WITS Academy: "The Root of All Evil"

    Ruby’s determined to find the room with the magical sap, while Andi copies another Guardian’s teaching method.

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