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  • KCA Chatter: A New Year of Slime!

    KCA Chatter: A New Year of Slime!

    Remember how bad Katy Perry got slimed? Now you can even slime yourself! Get ready for all new ways to slime at the KCAs 2012!

  • KCA Chatter: "First Timers in 2012"

    KCA Chatter: "First Timers in 2012"

    Check out the newbies to this year's KCAs, including the British sensation "One Direction" and Miss Muppets herself - Amy Adams!

  • KCA Chatter: Celebrity Presenters!

    KCA Chatter: Celebrity Presenters!

    Want to take a glimpse of the stars that will be at the KCA's? Zac Efron, Emma Stone, Heidi Klum, Cee-Lo Green and more will be presenters!

  • KCA Chatter: Katy Perry!

    KCA Chatter: Katy Perry!

    Katy Perry will bring the "Fireworks" to the KCA 2012! Get the latest KCA chatter with Zach Sang!

  • KCA 2000: Jennifer Lopez "Feelin' So Good"

    KCA 2000: Jennifer Lopez "Feelin' So Good"

    J Lo lets all the kids now how to rock the stage at KCA 2000!

  • All About Slime

    KCA 2011: All About Slime

    Your favorite stars give us their take on the mystery of slime!

  • Cody Simpson & Greyson Chance

    KCA 2011: Cody Simpson & Greyson Chance

    Watch as two fresh, up & coming vocal talents arrive at the Kids' Choice Awards.

  • iCarly Jack Black After-Show

    KCA 2011: iCarly & Jack Black

    Jeff Sutphen congratulates the cast of iCarly after their third Fav Show blimp in a row!

  • Nick Cannon #1 Dad

    KCA 2011: Nick Cannon

    After surviving Heidi Klum's slime-drenching, Nick Cannon checks in backstage.

  • Victoria Justice, Sofia Vergara and Yanni Depp

    KCA 2011: Victoria Justice, Sofia Vergara & Yanni Depp

    While the slime show rages on, Jeff Sutphen hangs with some lovely ladies backstage!

  • The Kardashians

    KCA 2011: The Kardashians

    Hang with Jeff Sutphen as he gets slimed AND sweet-talked backstage at the KCAs!

  • Backstage With Taylor Momsen

    KCA 2011: Taylor Momsen

    Jeff Sutphen hypes the show and chats backstage with a Gossip Girl rocker.

  • Heidi Klum Gets Creamed!

    KCA 2011: Heidi Klum Gets Creamed!

    The old jack in the box slime explosion trick catches a supermodel off guard.

  • Kaley Cuoco's Slime Pits

    KCA 2011: Kaley Cuoco

    The Big Bang Theory star firmly believes that the most musical armpit is a slippery one!

  • Josh Duhamel, Arm Fart Artist

    KCA 2011: Josh Duhamel

    KCA 2011: Josh Duhamel

  • Jim Carrey's Secret Sliming

    KCA 2011: Jim Carrey's Secret Sliming

    Jim Carrey goes home green after a hot air balloon full of slime soaks him to the bone!

  • Kevin James

    KCA 2011: Kevin James

    Meet your official 2011 KCA Arm Fart contestant! Who do you think will win?!

  • Interview with the Cast of Victorious

    KCA 2011: Cast of Victorious

    Daniella Monet catches up with the rest of the Victorious cast for some KCA fun!

  • iCarly Wins!

    KCA 2011: iCarly Wins!

    Carly, Sam & the rest of the iCarly crew take a bow for their 3rd favorite TV show Blimp.

  • Kim & Kourtney Kardashian

    KCA 2011: Kim & Kourtney Kardashian

    Watch as reality queens Kim & Kourtney Kardashian introduce your Favorite TV Show.

  • Josh Duhamel Gets Slimed

    KCA 2011: Arm Fart Champion: Josh Duhamel gets Slimed!

    Josh Duhamel, best Arm Farter on Earth, gets a slime of honor!

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