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  • You're a KCA Nominee!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Lil P-nut You're A KCA Nominee!"

    Finding out that you are nominated for a KCA is the perfect excuse for jumping and screaming!

  • You're a KCA Nominee!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Jack Griffo, You're A KCA Nominee!"

    Jack Griffo is pumped to find out that he is nominated for Favorite TV Actor!

  • Nick Stars Shine

    Kids Choice Awards 2014: "Nick Stars Shine"

    Best get your shades on, cause these Nick Stars are shining bright.

  • KCA Legends

    Kids Choice Awards 2014: "KCA Legends"

    A true KCA Legend knows there is no such thing as too many blimps.

  • Starstruck Patrick

    Kids Choice Awards 2014: "Starstruck Patrick"

    Patrick is the most starstruck starfish at the Kids' Choice Awards!

  • Slime Symphony

    Kids Choice Awards 2014: "Slime Symphony"

    Sometimes slime is like music to your ears...or your face!

  • KCA Like Never Before

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "KCA Like Never Before"

    You've never heard the Kids' Choice Awards like this before...

  • Kids' Choice Aw-OH MY GOD RUN!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Flying Slime Pit Spectacular

    There has never been a slimier event in the history of Earth. NEVER. Nobody walks out of this show dry.

  • 360 Slime!

    360 Slime!

    See Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris get slammed by slime from every possible angle!

  • Biggest Slimes in 2013

    Biggest Slimes in 2013

    When it came to plopping gobs of green goo on your screen, KCA 2013 didn't dissapoint. It did, however, make a mess.

  • There's No "U" in Winner! Except for This Year!

    There's No "U" in Winner! Except for This Year!

    You picked this year's amazing line up of KCA blimp winners. Now watch your favorite stars bask in the glory of KCA 2013's greatness!

  • Josh Duhamel, You Smell

    Josh Duhamel, You Smell

    He isn't JUST an arm fart champion. He isn't JUST a wild and crazy kid at heart. However, Josh might JUST be the best host ever in KCA History!!!

  • KCA 2013: Looking Gooood on the Orange

    KCA 2013: "Looking Gooood on the Orange"

    Catch a glimpse of all the stars looking fresh before the enter the slime zone of KCA 2013.

  • Buddy Tells All

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Backstage with Buddy Handleson

    Buddy Handleson gives us a peek into his dark and mysterious inner psyche.

  • KCA 2013: Behind the Slime

    KCA 2013: "Behind the Slime"

    Go backstage at the KCA's 2013 and find out what the stars did after the slime fell!

  • KCA 2013: Nick Stars in the Nick of Time

    KCA 2013: "Nick Stars in the Nick of Time"

    This year your favorite Nick Stars came in clutch! Check out some of the best moments from Jennette McCurdy, Victoria Justice, and SpongeBob himself!

  • Hollywood Hi

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Backstage With Victorious

    The Favorite TV Show-winning cast celebrates backstage.

  • Hart Jokes

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Backstage With Kevin Hart

    Comedian Kevin Hart cracks us up backstage.

  • Slime-meter

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Troy and Noah's Slime Measurement

    Slime Scientists Noah and Troy have recorded their gunky observations and are presenting their oozy findings.

  • The Scoop On Scott Baio

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Backstage With Scott Baio

    The See Dad Run star cracks jokes with the KCA backstage crew.

  • Neil & Sandra Magic Slime 360

    KCA 2013: Neil Patrick Harris & Sandra Bullock Slime 360

    Check out this magical slime moment with Neil Patrick Harris and Sandra Bullock.

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