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  • Lucas' Pseudo 'Stache

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Lucas Cruikshank and Zack Gordon

    Before a brief recap of the winners, Zach unveils Lucas' phony facial hair for what it really is: a sham!

  • Selena Gomez Is The Reigning Queen Of TV!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Selena Gomez Wins Favorite TV Actress

    The people have spoken! The results are in! She can't be beaten! Selena Gomez totally rules the tube! Woohoo!!!

  • BTR and Katy Perry 360!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Katy Perry and BTR 360

    Big Time Rush and Katy Perry deliver 360 degrees of pure pop power.

  • Nacho & Grande

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Ariana Grande & Jennette McCurdy Present Favorite TV Actress

    That's right, Jennette McCurdy. Your new name is Nacho. Now let's watch as you and Ariana Grande introduce TV's new favorite actress!

  • Backstage Scoop

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: The Scoop With Gabby & Malika

    What's up? Gabby & Malika fill you in on all the backstage business you missed.

  • An "Amazing" Buttkicker Nominee

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Josh Duhamel and the "Amazing" Buttkicker Award Nominees

    Josh is so psyched about the Favorite Buttkicker Award, he just has to show off this "Amazing" nominee.

  • The Critics Agree On "The Hunger Games"

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig Present Favorite Movie

    It was a tough choice with all the great nominees, but "The Hunger Games" takes the cake and the Blimp for Favorite Movie!

  • Danica Patrick Scores!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Favorite Female Athlete

    Danica Patrick crosses the finish line, wins gold, hits a home-run, scores a touchdown, and accepts a Blimp, all from the front seat of her car!

  • Kayley and Dwight Discuss Feet

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Kayley Cuoco and Dwight Howard Present Favorite Female Athlete

    Kayley Cuoco finds Dwight Howard's feet puzzling and they annouce all the great nominees for "Favorite Female Athlete".

  • Jaden's Miranda Makeover

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Miranda Cosgrove and Jaden Smith Present

    Jaden makes Miranda more presentable as they present the award for "Favorite Voice in an Animated Movie"!

  • Daniella Monet Interviews Jake T. Austin

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Daniella Monet Interviews Jake T. Austin

    Jake T. Austin is looking smooth on the Orange Carpet this year!

  • Josh Gives Us a Tour of the Audience

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Josh Duhamel's Incredible Introduction

    Josh finds a few interesting characters in the crowd as the night of the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards begins.

  • Pitbull Gets a Doggone Crazy Sliming!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Pitbull's Super Sliming

    Pitbull's known for being cool, but that doesn't mean a little slime can't cool him off even more!

  • Josh Duhamel is Ready to Go!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Josh Duhamel Gets Ready!

    Host Josh Duhamel is backstage and ready to jump on to the big stage!

  • It's Tito Time!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Tito's Costume Revealed

    Your favorite charming chihuahua unveils his winning Kids' Choice costume. YOLO!

  • Closet Cam

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Josh Duhamel's Dressing Room

    Take an exclusive look at Josh Duhamel's personal KCA dressing room. Better hope those suits are slime-proof, dude!

  • Do NOT Watch This Clip

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Do Not Touch Button

    Which of our many KCA celebrity guests will have the guts to push the do not touch button? Don't find out now!

  • Kick The Bucket?

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Surprise Bucket Launch

    No, launch it! Noah and Troy meet some enthusiastic audience members and then throw buckets at them. Surprise buckets!

  • Wow A Chihuahua!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Tito The Dog's Costume Contest

    Place your vote for your favorite dog costume and get ready for a 'ruff' day on the runway.

  • Nick Apps!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Troy & Noah's Spinach Dip

    It's not a party until the snacks arrive. Troy and Noah bust out their famous dip.

  • It's The Bomb!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Celebrity Photo Bombs

    Gabby and Malika aim for big fame by sneaking into a few celebrity photos.

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