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  • The King of LOLs

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: The King of LOLs

    Kevin Hart's jokes bring tears to our eyes and a blimp to his hands.

  • How To Be Funny

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: How To Be Funny

    If you want some laughs, follow these 5 funny tips from Lea Michele and LL Cool J.

  • Can't Slime This

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: Can't Slime This

    At this year's Kids' Choice Awards, slime might miss its Mark.

  • What's In There?

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "What's In There?"

    Which Haunted Hathaway star will get up close and personal with the Venus Fly Trap?

  • More Justice at the KCAs

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "More Justice at the KCAs"

    Victoria Justice looks stunning as always on the Orange Carpet!

  • Best Awards of their Lives

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Best Awards of Their Lives"

    The American Authors are going to give you something to write about tonight!

  • Wrestlers at the KCAs

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Wrestlers at the KCAs"

    John Cena and the Bella Twins are always ready to take house down!

  • Rock the Orange

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Rock the Orange"

    Chris Rock can never get enough of the Kids' Choice Awards!

  • Hart the KCAs

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Hart the KCAs"

    Funny man Kevin Hart and his kids rock the Orange Carpet!

  • Orange Thunder

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Orange Thunder"

    The cast of The Thundermans is ready to take on the KCAs!

  • DJ Mo' Bounce and Maxwell At the KCAs

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "DJ Mo' Bounce and Maxwell At the KCAs"

    Everyone is exicted to walk the Orange Carpet including these guys!

  • Slime Stunt is Happenin'

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Slime Stunt is Happenin'

    Your votes will help choose the most epic slime stunt of all time!

  • Debbie's Off Duty

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Debbie's Off Duty"

    Debby Ryan gets a break from nannying and hits up the Orange Carpet!

  • Swinging with Mr. Curry

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Swinging with Mr. Curry"

    The See Dad Run star is having a blast swinging with RySy!

  • Daniella on the Other Side

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Daniella on the Other Side"

    Daniella Monet can't remember the last time she hasn't hosted the Orange Carpet!

  • Fast Talkin' Kira

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Fast Talkin' Kira"

    Kira is so excited for this years KCAs she can barely catch her breath!

  • KCA Sorta News!

    Nick Sorta News: "Urgent KCA Update!"

    Breaking News! The Kids' Choice Awards does NOT give blimps to talking toilet paper rolls.

  • KCA Kaleidoscope

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "KCA Kaleidoscope"

    The KCA Blimp never looked so magical.

  • Dwight's Reverse Slime Dunk!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013:Dwight Howard Slime Dunked!

    Dwight Howard goes up for the reverse dunk and pulls down a few buckets of green slime with him!

  • Party Animals!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Party Animals!"

    Nothing sounds better than the KCA nominees for Favorite Song! Cast your vote and be here to see who wins at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards!

  • Hooray for KCAs

    Kids' Choice Awards 2014: "Hooray For KCAs"

    It's the most slimiest time of the year for some of your favorite Nick stars!

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