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  • Neil & Sandra Magic Slime 360

    KCA 2013: Neil Patrick Harris & Sandra Bullock Slime 360

    Check out this magical slime moment with Neil Patrick Harris and Sandra Bullock.

  • Big Backstage Theory

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Backstage With Kaley Cuoco

    There's nothing nerdy about backstage chats with babely blonde actresses!

  • Sumo Slime

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Sumo Slime

    If you got sumo suits, you might as well take a slime bath!

  • Hide Your Butts, Here Comes The Rock!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Favorite Buttkicker Nominees

    You elected The Rock this year's Favorite Buttkicker, but would you be brave enough to hand over the Blimp? Of course! He kicks butts for the kids!

  • Rump Race

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Josh Duhamel & Nick Cannon Present Favorite Buttkicker

    Josh Duhamel and Nick Cannon introduce this year's Favorite Buttkicker category by ziplining into a giant... well... you'll see!

  • It's A Gold... It's A Silver... It's A Blimp!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: LeBron James Wins Favorite Male Athlete!

    The hilarious and wonderful LeBron James adds a bold new Blimp to his long list of athletic achievements. Way to go, champ!

  • See Mom Run

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Other Winners With The Cast Of "See Dad Run"

    Scott Baio and the "See Dad Run" cast will catch you up on a few big winners, just as soon as Ryan Newman's mom gets out of the bathroom.

  • The Perks Of Being Pretty

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Lucy Hale & Logan Lerman Present Favorite Movie Actor

    Before diving into a "Sea Of Monsters," Logan Lerman teams up with "Pretty Little Liars" princess Lucy Hale to deliver a Blimp.

  • The Blimp for Favorite TV Show goes to... "Victorious!"

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Favorite TV Show

    Oh, our hearts! It's so bittersweet! Our baby! Our sweetheart! We love you! We'll miss you! Ladies and gentlemen, Victorious!!!

  • Jessica Alba Harts Kevin

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Jessica Alba and Kevin Hart Present Favorite TV Show

    Worlds collide when two masters of drama and comedy come together to announce the Favorite TV Show winner!

  • SpongeBob SquareJaw

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Josh Duhamel As SpongeBob SquarePants

    We knew he had a knack for transforming, but nobody told us he was a master of disguise. Behold, Josh Duhamel as SpongeBob SquarePants!

  • Helpful Headgear

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Noah and Troy's Slime Helmet

    We know you're dying to know: Just how much slime is there in the slime pit?? Well Troy and Noah are here to put your mind at ease with their new invention.

  • Hunger Games

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Troy & Noah's Popcorn Break

    Backstage hosts Troy & Noah get up close and personal with some delicious popcorn.

  • Logan & Carlos & Kendall & James!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Big Time Rush Present Favorite Female Singer

    These dreamy dudes need no introduction around here. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Favorite Female Singer... BIG! TIME! RUSH!

  • Kristen Stewart For Favorite Movie Actress!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Favorite Movie Actress!

    Total star Kristen Stewart takes it away with her win for Favorite Movie Actress!

  • Abraca-slime!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris

    Sandras a little weary of the stage ever since she last got slimed, but NPH's magic wand means there's nothing to worry about.

  • Lucas' Pseudo 'Stache

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Lucas Cruikshank and Zack Gordon

    Before a brief recap of the winners, Zach unveils Lucas' phony facial hair for what it really is: a sham!

  • Selena Gomez Is The Reigning Queen Of TV!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Selena Gomez Wins Favorite TV Actress

    The people have spoken! The results are in! She can't be beaten! Selena Gomez totally rules the tube! Woohoo!!!

  • BTR and Katy Perry 360!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Katy Perry and BTR 360

    Big Time Rush and Katy Perry deliver 360 degrees of pure pop power.

  • Nacho & Grande

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Ariana Grande & Jennette McCurdy Present Favorite TV Actress

    That's right, Jennette McCurdy. Your new name is Nacho. Now let's watch as you and Ariana Grande introduce TV's new favorite actress!

  • Backstage Scoop

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: The Scoop With Gabby & Malika

    What's up? Gabby & Malika fill you in on all the backstage business you missed.

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