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  • Daniella Monet Interviews The Miz!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Daniella Monet Interviews The Miz

    Daniella grabs a chat with The Miz and askes him a very diffcult (and smelly) question.

  • Let the Randomness Begin!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Malika, Troy, Noah, Gaby Random Word Vote!

    Meet tonight's Orange Carpet correspondents, Malika, Troy, Noah and Gaby, as they talk up our pre-show's funniest features.

  • Daniella Monet Interviews Lucas Cruikshank

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Daniella Monet Interviews Lucas Cruikshank

    And they're off! Daniella grabs a chat with Lucas Cruikshank and gets hyped for the KCA's!

  • We're Making a Pre-Show!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Tito and the Gang Are Making a Pre-Show!

    Noah, Troy, Malika, and Gaby team up with one very cute chihuahua to make this year's Pre-Show the best ever!

  • Gabby and Malika Reminicse

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Gabby and Malika's Recap

    Just incase you forgot something because you were overwhelmed by all the slime, Gabby and Malika are here with a recap of the 2013 KCAs.

  • Cody Simpson is on the Scene!

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Daniella Monet Interviews Cody Simpson

    Cody Simpson graces the Orange Carpet with his charming accent and killer style!

  • The KCA for Weird Pets?

    The KCA for Weird Pets!

    And the orange blimp goes to...Hermit Crabs?

  • Big Time FAKE Award!

    Big Time FAKE Award!

    Due to some unexpected turbulent weather Santa couldn't make it down to the KCA's this year. Good thing we've got the BTR Boys here to accept on his behalf!

  • Ladylike Host!

    Ladylike Host!

    Sorry Josh, there's just no way outta this one!

  • Get to Know the Host!

    Get to Know the Host!

    Let's find out more about 2013 KCA host Josh Duhamel with a game of This or That!

  • The KCA Shuffle!

    The KCA Shuffle!

    2013 host Josh Duhamel breaks it down, KCA style!

  • KCA-llergy Alert!

    KCA-llergy Alert!

    Watch out! Things are about to get real sneezy for KCA host Josh Duhamel...

  • It's Kids' Choice Baby!

    It's Kids' Choice Baby!

    KCA 2013 host Josh Duhamel gives us a special performance to get us psyched for the show!

  • KCA 2013: Fave Male Athlete

    KCA 2013: Male Athlete

    KCA '13 host Josh Duhamel is announcing (and dressing as) the Male Athlete nominees!

  • KCA 2013: Fave Song

    KCA 2013: Favorite Song

    Josh Duhamel announces the Favorite Song nominees! Check them out and VOTE!

  • KCA 2013: VOTE!

    KCA 2013: Voting Drive

    The polls are open, so make host Josh Duhamel proud and VOTE for your fave nominees!

  • Kids' Choice Awards: Choose The Slime Stunt!

    Kids' Choice Awards: Choose The Slime Stunt!

    There are three never-before attempted slime stunts for YOU to choose! Be here to see which one wins at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards, tonight at 8pm!

  • Gettin Cray at KCA!

    KCA 2013: Gettin Cray at KCA!

    The KCAs are cray! Want proof? Hit play!

  • KCA 2013: Host Rewind!

    KCA 2013: Host Rewind!

    The Kids' Choice Awards is known for the best hosts on Earth, so it's time to rewind and re-slime!

  • Slimy Celebrities Playlist!

    KCA 2013: Slimy Celebrities!

    Nobody, not even your older brother is safe from slime at the Kids' Choice Awards!

  • KCA 2013: Random Dancing!

    KCA 2013: Random Dancing!

    There's no wrong time to bolt out of your seat and just START DANCING at Kids' Choice Awards!

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