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  • Po Fans Out: Dragon Warrior Daydream

    Kung Fu Panda: "Po Fans Out: Dragon Warrior Daydream"

    Po is tempted to unleash the monster inside the mysterious Mongolian Fist Demon Jar. Can he live out his superhero daydream of defeating the evil monster inside?

  • November Premieres

    Kung Fu Panda: November Premieres

    Get your first taste of the heaping pile of Kung Fu Premieres coming at you in November.

  • Mr. Ping: Not So Silent Night

    Kung Fu Panda: "Mr. Ping: Not So Silent Night"

    The Jade Palace won't rest easy as long as Mr. Ping is staying there.

  • The Kung Fu Kid: Meet Peng

    Kung Fu Panda: "The Kung Fu Kid: Meet Peng"

    Po and Master Shifu discover a new Kung Fu student named Peng.

  • Rhino's Revenge: No Love For Po

    Kung Fu Panda: "Rhino's Revenge: No Love For Po"

    Everybody is celebrating the dragon warrior except the vengeful Rhino.

  • Bad Po: Mirror Of Yin And Yang

    Kung Fu Panda: "Bad Po: Mirror Of Yin And Yang"

    Po lets his curiosity get the best of him when he touches the mirror of yin and yang.

  • Owl Be Back: The Tale of Fenghuang

    Kung Fu Panda: "Owl Be Back: The Tale of Fenghuang"

    Po discovers the dark story of Fenghuang, a former warrior who turned to the dark side.

  • "Jailhouse Panda: Clever And Cunning Po"

    Kung Fu Panda: "Jailhouse Panda: Clever And Cunning Po"

    Po is so clever and cunning that he doesn't realize he accidentally helps an enemy escape from prison!

  • Jailhouse Panda: Undercover Po

    Kung Fu Panda: "Jailhouse Panda: Undercover Po"

    Po goes undercover and behind bars to find the infamous theif, Tong Fo.

  • Playlist of Awesomeness!

    Kung Fu Panda: Playlist of Awesomeness!

    Kung Fu Panda has all of the ingredients of awesomeness wrapped into one delicious dumpling of a cartoon! Check out some killer clips!

  • Crane on a Wire

    Kung Fu Panda: "Crane on a Wire"

    Po tries to help Crane get his "mojo" back after Crane is humiliated at a charity event.

  • The Midnight Stranger: Masked Hero

    Kung Fu Panda: "The Midnight Stranger: Masked Hero"

    When kung fu is outlawed, Po becomes a masked hero to fight crime.

  • Hometown Hero:Bad News

    Kung Fu Panda:"Hometown Hero:Bad News"

    Mantis gets urgent news from his long lost love. Will he be reunited with her or is there danger ahead of his journey?

  • Good Croc, Bad Croc:Fung Gone Good

    Kung Fu Panda:"Good Croc, Bad Croc:Fung Gone Good"

    Po falls into a hole and Fung helps him out. Are his bandit days over or is this just a sneaky trick?

  • Fluttering Finger Mindslip: Memory loss

    Kung Fu Panda: "Fluttering Finger Mindslip:Memory loss"

    Po uses a trick too many times and causes his friends to lose their memory. It's up to him to help them!

  • Sticky Situation: Stuck on Trouble

    Kung Fu Panda:"Sticky Situation: Stuck on Trouble"

    All it takes is one sticky dumpling and a little bit of Po clumsiness to bring the whole house down.

  • The Princess and the Po: Fire Poppers!

    Kung Fu Panda: "The Princess and the Po: Fire Poppers!"

    Po is determined to make the little piggy princess like him but keeps getting burned in the process.

  • The Princess and the Po: Warrior King of the Cheetah

    Kung Fu Panda: "The Princess and the Po: Warrior King of the Cheetah"

    When Po can't defeat a humongous Ram warrior he takes some tips from the princess.

  • Scorpion's Sting: Mr. Ping and Mr. Clown

    Kung Fu Panda: "Scorpion's Sting: Mr. Ping and Mr. Clown"

    Mr. Ping uses Tigress' illness as a chance to push his thriving soup business.

  • Po vs. Master Monkey

    Kung Fu Panda: "Scorpion's Sting: Po vs. Master Monkey"

    When Master Monkey is brainwashed to attack his fellow warrior, Po mistakes it for friendly competition.

  • Scorpion's Sting: Tigress' Cold

    Kung Fu Panda: "Scorpion's Sting: Tigress' Cold"

    Tigress catches a case of the sniffles that is actually "River Fever". The team will have track down the sacred Sun Orchid to save her!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!