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  • Secret Fight Club

    Kung Fu Panda: Kung Fu Club: "Secret Fight Club"

    Secret kung fu fight clubs are seriously awesome!

  • Training Troubles

    Kung Fu Panda: Croc You Like a Hurricane: "Training Troubles"

    Kicking evil's butt takes a lot more work than Po wants!

  • Honey Plum Problems

    Kung Fu Panda: Po Picks a Pocket: "Honey Plum Problems"

    Po has a sneaking suspicion that he's not alone in his love for plums.

  • Present Tense

    Kung Fu Panda: "Present Tense"

    Po doesn't have enough money to buy his dad the awesome present he deserves, so he takes a risky job to pay for presents

  • Shifu's Ex

    Kung Fu Panda: "Shifu's Ex"

    When Shifu’s ex-girlfriend Mei Ling visits the Jade Palace, Po decides to try and get them back together despite the fact Mei Ling is now Shifu’s most hated enemy.

  • Po Vs. Punching Bag Rematch

    Kung Fu Panda Mini: Po Vs. Punching Bag Rematch

    Po gets all up in Mr. Punching Bag's face for this rematch.

  • Po The Magic Dragon

    Kung Fu Panda Mini: "Po The Magic Dragon"

    Po The Magic Dragon is calm like water flowing, he waits to reveal his LEGENDOSITY!

  • Po Dumplings

    Kung Fu Panda Mini: "Po Dumplings"

    These dumplings are not ready for the awesomeness of Po's shimmying thighs.

  • Who's Got The Best Moves!

    Korra Vs. Po: Who's Got The Best Moves!

    On a scale of lameness to awesomeness see who's got the best moves!

  • The World's Smallest Nunchucks

    Kung Fu Panda Mini: The World's Smallest Nunchucks

    Po tests out the world's smallest nunchucks!

  • Master and the Panda

    Kung Fu Panda: "Master and the Panda"

    When Po's friend Peng returns to the Valley of Peace, everyone is excited...except for Po.

  • Alphabet Animal Style

    Kung Fu Panda: "Alphabet Animal Style"

    You probably have never heard the Alphabet in this way before!

  • Tales of Po Gamer Tips!

    NickGamer: Tales of Po Gamer Tips!

    Get some great insider tips on how to rock this brand spankin' new game, Tales of Po!

  • The Pull-Up Mandate!

    The Pull-Up Mandate!

    Po must do five pull-ups before the gang can all go to lunch...

  • Po's Song of Awesome!

    Po's Song of Awesome!

    Check out this awesome remix of Kung Fu Panda awesomeness.

  • Po Knows Ghosts

    Po Knows Ghosts

    Po knows a ghost when he sees one!

  • Super Brawl 3!

    NickGamer: Super Brawl 3!

    Get some great inside tips on how to rock the brand spankin' new Super Brawl 3!

  • Po-to Shoot!

    Po-to Shoot!

    Po plays it up for the camera and shows off some Dragon Warrior looks!

  • "Crane on a Wire: Monkey Auctions"

    Kung Fu Panda: "Crane on a Wire: Monkey Auctions"

    Monkey ends up regretting being in an auction!

  • The Secret Musuem of Kung Fu: Good Driver

    Kung Fu Panda: "The Secret Musuem of Kung Fu: Good Driver"

    Master Shifu borrow's Mr. Peng's Noodle Mobile and takes Po and the Furious Five on a miserable roadtrip!

  • Terror Cotta: Kited Away

    Kung Fu Panda: "Terror Cotta: Kited Away"

    Fung has the ultimate get away device - his kite!

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