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  • A Leaf in the Wind

    Legend of Korra: "A Leaf in the Wind"

    Korra secretly joins a pro-bending team and competes in a match! However she needs to learn air-bend in order to survive, will she pull it off in time?

  • Nick Classic Sizzle

    Nick Classic Sizzle

    Nickelodeon: home of the wackiest, funniest, and most iconic characters.

  • Who's Got The Best Moves!

    Korra Vs. Po: Who's Got The Best Moves!

    On a scale of lameness to awesomeness see who's got the best moves!

  • Korra's Newest Adventures

    Nickelodeon Animation Tour: Korra's Newest Adventures

    Noah and Gabby venture off into the spirit world to find new Korra secret footage!

  • Korra's Big Shoot!

    Quick Hits: Photo Shoot with Korra

    Korra lights up the camera with some stunning candids!!

  • Highlights from the ProBending Arena!

    Legend of Korra: Highlights from the ProBending Arena!

    The ProBending Arena is home to some intense competition! Watch all of the moments, from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat, right here!

  • Superfan Exclusives

    Korra Playlist: Superfan Exclusives

    Deep from the Korra production vault comes a collection of beautiful early animation art.

  • Legend of Korra: Book One Highlights

    Legend of Korra: Book One Highlights

    Straight from Comic-Con! Check out this amazing video recap of The Legend of Korra: Book One.

  • Skeletons in the Closet: Dinner in Hiding

    Legend of Korra: "Skeletons in the Closet: Dinner in Hiding"

    Korra and team cozy up with Gommu underground after Amon's takeover. Hopefully the food tastes better than it looks.

  • Legend of Korra: Papa Tenzin

    Legend of Korra: "Welcome to Republic City: Papa Tenzin"

    Tenzin has his hands full with two girls, a boy, and a baby on the way!

  • Turning the Tides: Amon's End Game

    Legend of Korra: "Turning the Tides: Amon's End Game"

    Korra is back home and safe. As she shares the details of her abuction to Tenzin, it becomes clear that Amon is planning something very big.

  • Out of the Past: Find the Avatar

    Legend of Korra: "Out of the Past: Find the Avatar"

    Tenzin rushes to City Hall to find out what has happened to Korra, will the truth be revealed?

  • When Extremes Meet: Travel in Style

    Legend of Korra: "When Extremes Meet: Travel in Style"

    Team Avatar is ready to patrol Republic City, but first they need a style upgrade!

  • The Aftermath: A Fallen Pro-Bender

    Legend of Korra: "The Aftermath: A Fallen Pro-Bender"

    Korra runs into Tahno, the pro-bender who had his powers stripped by Amon.

  • The Spirit of Competition: A Killer Kiss

    Legend of Korra: The Spirit of Competition: A Killer Kiss"

    When Mako and Korra finally share their feelings wtih a passionate kiss, they also crush Bolin's hopes.

  • And the Winner Is..: The Council's Decision

    Legend of Korra: "And the Winner Is... : The Council's Decision"

    When Amon threatens an attack on the final match of the pro-bending competition, the Council is faced with a tough decision!

  • The Spirit of Competition: Let the Games Begin!

    Legend of Korra: "The Spirit of Competition: Let the Games Begin!"

    It's time for the Pro Bending Championships, and the Fire Ferrets are looking better than ever in the first round!

  • Voice In the Night: Equalist Raid

    Legend of Korra: "Voice In the Night: Equalist Raid"

    Korra joins a special task force to stop Amon and the Equalists!

  • The Revelation: Saving Bolin

    Legend of Korra: "The Revelation: Saving Bolin"

    Korra and Mako ride Naga through the city looking for Bolin before he ends up in serious trouble.

  • Chi-Blocking Brawl

    Legend of Korra: Chi-Blocking Brawl

    Korra and Mako are rendered powerless against two mysterious, chi-blocking warriors.

  • Firebending Training

    Legend of Korra: Firebending Training

    Korra shows up the competition during firebending training.

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