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  • Dark Into Light

    NickGamer: Legend of Korra: Dark Into Light

    Join Korra and her friends as you journey into the spirit world!

  • Bolin in Style

    Legend of Korra: Southern Lights: "Bolin in Style"

    Travel in style with the newest gizmo in the land!

  • And The Winner Is...

    Legend of Korra: "And The Winner Is..."

    The finals of the Pro-Bending Competition have arrived! Will the Fire Ferrets stand a chance against the reigning champions?

  • Pro-Bending League Championship!

    Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending League Championship!

    Get your very own fake tickets to the extremely fake Pro Bending League Championship, featuring Bolin-sanity, Psycho-Mako and our favorite Korra The Destroya!

  • Republic City Hustle: Mini Series

    Legend of Korra: "Republic City Hustle: Mini Series"

    Learn about Mako and Bolin's early adventures in this mini series!

  • Hustle or Get Hustled

    Legend of Korra: "Republic City Hustle: Part 1"

    Mako and Bolin enter the crime-ridden underworld of Republic City where you either hustle, or get hustled.

  • A New Friend

    Legend of Korra: "Republic City Hustle: Part 2"

    While collecting bets for the big match, Bolin reminds Toza of the past while creating a future for a new furry friend.

  • The Smart Play

    Legend of Korra: "Republic City Hustle: Part 3"

    Mako and Bolin make a bet that could change the game forever.

  • Republic City Rocks

    Legend of Korra: "Republic City Rocks"

    Catch all the sights and brawls that happen in the heart of Republic City!

  • Harbor Battle

    Legend of Korra: "Harbor Battle"

    The Equalists have several new tricks up their sleeves!

  • Street Legend

    Legend of Korra: "Street Legend"

    Korra announces her arrival at Republic City by beating up some street thugs!

  • Mecha Tanks Attack

    Legend of Korra: "Mecha Tanks Attack!"

    If help doesn't come in time, Tenzin might be a goner.

  • Air Bending Fails

    Legend of Korra: "Air Bending Fails"

    Korra is not having the easiest of times air bending.

  • Best Mako and Korra Moments

    Legend of Korra: "Best Mako and Korra Moments"

    From the moment they first laid their eyes on each other, Mako and Korra have been inseperable! Watch their best moments together!

  • In Mako's Arms

    Legend of Korra: "In Mako's Arms"

    Mako finally finds Korra after being lost in the wilderness.

  • True Feelings

    Legend of Korra: "True Feelings"

    After reaching her lowest point, Korra finally reveals her true feelings to Mako!

  • Team Huddle

    Legend of Korra: "Team Huddle"

    Korra can't help but feel giddy if her crush is less than a nose away!

  • Korra and the Fire Ferrets

    Legend of Korra: "Korra and The Fire Ferrets "

    The Fire Ferrets unexpectedly meet the newest Avatar!

  • Rebel Spirit Sneak Peek

    Legend Of Korra: "Rebel Spirit Sneak Peek"

    Catch up with Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami in this action-packed sneak peek!

  • The Spirit of Competition

    Legend of Korra: "The Spirit of Competition"

    The Fire Ferrets are out of sync for the competition, as romance brews between teammates!

  • The Revelation

    Legend of Korra: "The Revelation"

    Korra is faced with a true test of her Avatar ideals, when Amon reveals an incredible power!

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