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  • School Crime and Too Much Punishment

    Nick News Specials: "School Crime and Too Much Punishment"

    This special will examine the effectiveness of traditional methods of school punishment and also explore a new method known as restorative justice.

  • The Electronic Leash: Safety vs. Privacy

    Nick News Specials: "The Electronic Leash: Safety vs. Privacy"

    A look at the debate over kid-friendly wearable devices. In a world where there are more opportunities than ever for kids to get into dangerous situations online and out in the word, does a kid’s privacy count?

  • So Close and Yet So Far Away: The Kids of Cuba

    Nick News Specials: "So Close and Yet So Far Away: The Kids of Cuba"

    In this special we will get to know kids living in Cuba. What are their lives like? What do they think about us? What do they want us to know about them?

  • What is Title IX and Why Do You Care?

    Nick News Specials: "What is Title IX and Why Do You Care?"

    This special will examine Title IX and the effects (both positive and negative) that it has had on today’s kids.

  • Before I Go: Living with Dying

    Nick News Specials: "Before I Go: Living with Dying"

    Children are not supposed to die. But they do. And in the process, they teach us lessons in grace, courage and wisdom. In other words, in their dying, they often teach us how to live.

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