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  • Clip: Kids Pick the President: The Issues

    Nick News Kids Pick the President: "The Issues"

    Nick News talked to kids just like you about their policitcal concerns.

  • Issues

    Nick News Kids Pick the President: "The Issues"

    What issues matter to YOU in this election?

  • Clip: The Legacy of Slavery

    Nick News: "The Legacy of Slavery"

    How does slavery still effect America today?

  • The Legacy of Slavery

    Nick News: "The Legacy of Slavery"

    Nick News investigates the lingering effects of slavery in America.

  • Clip: Fight to be Fit

    Nick News: "Fight to be Fit"

    Watch our preview of "Nick News" featuring President Clinton!

  • Clip: Stories from the Dream

    Nick News: "Stories from the Dream"

    Meet people who changed the course of history!

  • Clip: Do We Need Black History Month?

    Nick News: "Do We Need Black History Month?"

    Check out the history behind Black History Month.

  • Democracy

    Kids Pick the President: "Democracy"

    Democracy in the USA! But what does it mean to you and me?

  • Dov Shestack's Story

    Nick News: "Dov Shestack's Story"

    Meet Dov Shestack.

  • Elephants

    Nick News: "Elephant Commands"

    Real kids learn the language of elephants!

  • Elephants

    Nick News: "Elephant Dung Paper"

    Linda Ellerbee and company make paper out of poop.

  • Elephants

    Nick News: "Elephant Painting"

    Real kids share their thoughts on elephant art.

  • Clip: If I Could Talk to the Elephants Slideshow

    Nick News: "If I Could Talk to the Elephants Slideshow"

    Check out Thailand and its elephants from Nick News' eyes.

  • Elephants

    Nick News: "If I Could Talk to the Elephants"

    These amazing elephants can communicate across species!

  • Clip: Teachers Talk Back

    Nick News: "Teachers Talk Back"

    You told us what you hated about school, now it's the teachers' turn to fire back!

  • Cilp: Kids of Cons

    Nick News: "Kids of Cons"

    Over 10 million kids have parents in prison. "Nick News" investigates...

  • Clip: Private Worlds

    Nick News: "Private Worlds: Kids & Autism"

    Autistic kids have been described as living in a private world but they also live in ours.

  • Kids Against Breast Cancer

    Nick News Bump: "Kids Against Breast Cancer"

    Real kids find a way to fight cancer!

  • Wiretapping

    Nick News Bump: "Wiretappping"

    Should the government be allowed to listen to YOUR conversations?

  • Clip: Cheap Shots and Low Blows

    Nick News: "Cheap Shots and Low Blows"

    Nick News investigates hate-filled political debate!

  • Women in Combat

    Nick News Bump: "Women in Combat"

    Should women be allowed to serve in combat roles? Real kids sound off!

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