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  • If Only I Were an Only Child: Top 10 Annoying Things Siblings Do

    Nick News: "If Only I Were an Only Child: Top 10 Annoying Things Siblings Do"

    In this countdown special we will hear kids and celebrities discussing the top 10 annoying things their siblings do.

  • Now Hear This! What if You Were Deaf?

    Nick News: "Now Hear This! What if You Were Deaf?"

    In this special, deaf kids will introduce us to their world; what it’s like to go to a concert and not hear the music, how hard it can be to make friends, and what it’s like to have a different language from your family.

  • Are We There Yet? Women's History, Past, Present and Future"

    Nick News: "Are We There Yet? Women's History, Past, Present and Future"

    In honor of Women’s History Month Nick News will devote an entire program to the celebration of the history, accomplishments – and ongoing struggle – of being a Female American.

  • Clip: Cheap Shots and Low Blows

    Nick News: "Cheap Shots and Low Blows"

    Nick News investigates hate-filled political debate!

  • Women in Combat

    Nick News Bump: "Women in Combat"

    Should women be allowed to serve in combat roles? Real kids sound off!

  • Rethink!

    Nick News Bump: "Rethink! New Orleans' Schools"

    Kids voice their opinion on rebuilding New Orleans' schools!

  • Changed the World

    Nick News Bump: "How I Changed the World"

    Real kids change the world!

  • Katrina Instruments

    Nick News Bump: "Katrina Instruments"

    Real kids change the world by donating instruments to the New Orleans Orchestra.

  • Earthworks

    Nick News Bump: "Earthworks"

    See how one class turned a field trip destination into a state landmark!

  • Clip: Children of the Storm

    Nick News: "Children of the Storm"

    How are the Kids of Katrina today?

  • Single Gender

    Nick News Bump: "Single Gender Schools"

    Should boys and girls be taught separately? Real kids sound off!

  • PE to Graduate

    Nick News Bump: "PE to Graduate"

    Should students have to take gym to graduate? Real kids sound off.

  • When I Think About Iraq...

    Nick News: "When I Think About Iraq..."

    Real kids discuss the war in Iraq and its repercussions.

  • Kelsey's Kause

    Nick News Bump: "Kelsey's Kause"

    Real kids change the world!

  • Military Recruitment

    Nick News Bump: "Military Recruitment"

    Should the military recruit in high schools? Real kids debate the issue!

  • Clip: Fight to Be Fit

    Nick News: "The Fight To Be Fit"

    Watch our preview of "Nick News" featuring President Clinton!

  • Katrina

    Nick News: "Sleeping Bags for the Kids of Katrina"