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  • Your Thirsty World: Challenges

    Nick News: "Your Thirsty World: Challenges"

    Travel to Honduras and experience the challenges of living without running water.

  • Full Episode: Cheaters Never Win: True or False?

    Nick News: "Cheaters Never Win: True or False?"

  • Clip: Cheaters Never Win: True or False?

    Nick News: "Cheaters Never Win: True or False?"

    Is getting help from your parents on homework considered cheating?

  • Clip: Kids to the Rescue: Animal Heroes

    Nick News: "Kids to the Rescue: Animal Heroes"

    Kids like Rachel & Sophia make a HUGE difference in the world fostering sheltered animals.

  • Clip: Kids in Rehab

    Nick News: "Kids in Rehab"

    Nicholas is 15 years old and re-making his life. Hear his story.

  • Clip: Allergic to My World

    Nick News: "Allergic to My World"

    Nick News investigates deadly allergies.

  • Clip: Stressed Out

    Nick News: "Stressed Out"

    This recession has taken a huge toll. More than 6 million people have lost their jobs.

  • Clip: Webstars

    Nick News: "Webstars: The Kids Behind the Hits"

    Meet the kids behind your favorite online videos!

  • Clip: Tales of Middle School Romance

    Nick News: "Tales of Middle School Romance"

    Get the scoop on first kisses, first dates and first loves!

  • Clip: A Kid Off the Grid

    Nick News: "A Kid Off the Grid"

    What is it like to be a kid in an energy self-sufficient household?

  • Clip: We Shall Not Be Moved

    Nick News: "We Shall Not Be Moved"

    What does Black History Month mean to you?

  • Boys & Girls

    Nick News: "Boys & Girls: A Class of Their Own"

    Nick News investigates the pros and cons of attending a single sex school.

  • Clip: Boys & Girls: A Class of Their Own

    Nick News: "Boys & Girls: A Class of Their Own"

    What's it like to attend a single sex school?

  • Rural Poor

    Nick News: "America's Forgotten Children: The Rural Poor"

    Nick News investigates the poverty that occurs outside of city limits.

  • Clip: The View from My Chair

    Nick News: "The View from My Chair"

    What's it like to spend life in a wheel chair?

  • President-Elect Obama

    Nick News: "President-Elect Obama"

    Kids AND adults picked Barack Obama as their next president!

  • Clip: Kids Pick the President Results

    Nick News: "Kids Pick the President Results"

    Kids like you voted over 2 million times and here's who YOU chose as the winner!

  • Torchlight on Tibet

    Nick News: "Torchlight on Tibet"

    With the 2008 Olympics approaching, Nick News examines the political situation in Tibet!

  • Clip: Torchlight on Tibet

    Nick News: "Torchlight on Tibet"

    Nick News investigates the politics in Tibet!

  • Clip: Untouchable Kids of India

    Nick News: "Untouchable Kids of India"

    Nick News travels to India to investigate its entrenched caste system.

  • I'm American, They're Not

    Nick News: "I'm American, They're Not"

    What's it like to have a parent who's an illegal immigrant?