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  • Tighty Whitey Rave

    Nick Studio 10: "Grandpa's Tighty Whitey Rave"

    We've turned it up to neon with our Tighty Whitey Parties!

  • Bet I Can Make You Laugh

    Nick Studio 10: "Bet I Can Make You Laugh"

    First one to laugh...LOSES!

  • Girly Scout Honor

    Nick Studio 10: "Girly Scout Honor"

    Watch Malika and her fellow Girly Scouts friends put their cookie-balancing skills to the test!

  • Body Chop Gaby Style

    Nick Studio 10: "Body Chop Gaby Style"

    Watch Gaby destroy Matzah Cracker Mountain!

  • Body Chop Malika Style

    Nick Studio 10: "Body Chop Malika Style"

    How will fiesty Malika fare against the evil mounds of cups and tacos?

  • King of the Can Battle Royale

    Nick Studio 10: "King of the Can Battle Royale"

    It's an epic foam smash battle to the finish!

  • Cabrito and Chewy

    Nick Animated Original Short - Cabrito and Chewy

    Will growing up mean growing apart for these two best animal pals?

  • Best of Nick Studio 10!

    Best of Nick Studio 10!

    It's all your favorite Studio 10 moments together in one giant, awesome playlist!

  • Do NOT Watch This Clip

    Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Do Not Touch Button

    Which of our many KCA celebrity guests will have the guts to push the do not touch button? Don't find out now!

  • Level 15

    Nick Animated Original Short - Level 15

    Training is finally over! Which awesome games will Lucky and Ted be assigned to?

  • Zombie Brothers

    Nick Animated Original Short - Zombie Brothers

    Better watch your back! These bros are on the hunt for braaains!!

  • Carrot and Stick

    Nick Animated Original Short - Carrot and Stick

    Big Rosie learns the hard way: When you mess with the carrot, you get THE STICK!

  • Original Short! Lucas

    Nick Animated Original Short - Lucas

    Lucas and co. are here to inspect his brother's birthday party. Better not mess anything up or it's major wedgie time!

  • Wing Dings

    Nick Animated Original Short - Wing Dings

    Zduck needs some help to gear up for the big dance competition, but something cute and fury is stealing away everyone's attention!

  • Foot Punch

    Nick Studio 10: Foot Punch

    100% fruit punch! Straight from the foot!

  • Oh Snap! Rap Battles

    Nick Studio 10: Oh Snap! Rap Battles

    Finger puppets take rap battles to a whole new level!

  • Krazy Kid-shenanigans!

    Nick Studio 10: Krazy Kid-shenanigans!

    Catch all the crazy shenanigans happening with this Nick Studio 10 playlist!

  • Grandpa's Tighty Whitey Jam

    Nick Studio 10: Grandpa's Tighty Whitey Jam

    Just when you thought tighty whities were out of style...

  • Prank Goes Wrong!

    Nick Studio 10: Prank Goes Wrong!

    When the prankster gets pranked, hilarity ensues!

  • Turbo Leap Frog

    Nick Studio 10: Turbo Leap Frog

    Unleash the mini stunt driver in you!

  • PB&J Belly Bump!

    Nick Studio 10: PB&J Belly Bump!

    See a real life-sized demonstration of how the most famous sandwich in the world came to be!

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!