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  • Talkin Teddy/Principal Interest

    ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks: "Talkin Teddy/Principal Interest"

    Theodore’s new talking-teddy bear is driving Alvin and Simon nuts. Alvin is none-too thrilled about going back to school.That is until he sees the new Principal and then it’s whoa! Love at first sight!

  • Turtles in Time

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Turtles in Time"

    The Turtles get whisked through time by apprentice Time Master Renet, and they must all work together to defeat the evil Time Master Savanti Romero.

  • Know Your Nick?

    Know Your Nick?

    Do you know your Nickelodeon? Try and solve these puzzles and challenges of your favorite Nick stars to see if you're a nick genius!

  • The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts

    Pig Goat Banana Cricket: "The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts"

    Pig cleans the toilet and is sucked into another world. Goat struggles to fix a hole in the roof. Banana is too lazy to simply put a jar of peanut butter away. Cricket supes up a vacuum that sucks everyone into another world.

  • Nashville Tour!

    Nashville Tour!

    The cast of 100 Things to do Before High School is in Nashville getting active in preparation for Worldwide Day of Play!

  • Theme Song

    ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: "Theme Song"

    Get set to have some fun! Bringing you action and satisfaction, Alvin, Simon, Theodore are back in their new show ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks!

  • Game Shakers at VidCon 2015

    Game Shakers at VidCon 2015

    Josh Peck & Kel Mitchell give a sneak peak of Nickelodeon's new show 'Game Shakers' at VidCon 2015. Plus, special guest GloZell shows off the new game 'Sky Whale!'

  • A Girl’s Sacrifice

    Every Witch Way: "A Girl's Sacrifice"

    Emma’s plans go horribly awry and it’s up to her friends to save her – and the Realm. Later, Emma is forced to make several tough decisions.

  • Spice Heist

    Talia in the Kitchen: "Spice Heist"

    Talia and the gang look for Julie, who has gone missing. Dolores demands that Talia return the magic spices. And Debbie tries to prevent Talia from entering the Golden Ladle.

  • New Guardian In Town!

    New Guardian In Town!

    Daniela Nieves from Every Witch Way is here to share some exciting news!

  • Andi's New Show!

    WITS Academy: "Andi's New Show!"

    Andi from Every Witch Way has just arrived at WITS Academy, come along for the ride with her!

  • The Return of Jeff

    Henry Danger: "Motion Comic Issue #4: The Return of Jeff"

    When a robbery happens at the Donut Shop, Captain Man and Kid Danger track down the culprit who happens to be, Jeff, Swellview's dumbest criminal!

  • Mommie Dearest

    Every Witch Way: "Mommie Dearest"

    The gang stages a “Witchervention” for Emma. Jax finally learns the truth about his family.

  • Future Legends

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Future Legends"

    Time Master Renet comes from the future to tell the turtles that they are the Turtle Warriors of Legend!

  • The Chore Wheel

    Pig Goat Banana Cricket: "The Chore Wheel"

    Pig, Goat, Banana, and Cricket spin the wheel to see what crazy chore they have to do!

  • Stop Emma

    Every Witch Way: "Stop Emma"

    Emma’s friends decide they must stop her for good. Jake has surprising information for Jax.

  • Spice Lesson

    Talia in the Kitchen: "Spice Lesson"

    Debbie tries to prevent Talia from entering the Golden Ladle cooking competition. And Dolores demands that Talia return the magic spices.

  • Go Bake or Go Home

    Talia in the Kitchen: "Go Bake or Go Home"

    Aunt Tilly returns to Miami to bring Talia and Julie back to Boston. Frenchie has an unusual reaction to Will’s pasta.

  • Frenemies

    Every Witch Way: "Frenemies"

    Emma works to become more powerful in order to cast the time manipulation spell, even though it means alienating all of her friends. Jake attempts to see his family again.

  • Prote-Spice

    Talia in the Kitchen: "Prote-Spice"

    Talia and the gang look for a missing Julie. Tensions rise between Tyson and Rudy.

  • The Turtles Are Back!

    The Turtles Are Back!

    The Turtles are here to save the city! Are you ready?

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