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  • Rico's Barf-O-Rama

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Rico's Barf-O-Rama

    Watch how Rico and his bottomless belly puke away the Penguins' problems. BLAAAHHHP!

  • The Mom Squad

    Penguins Playlist: The Mom Squad

    You think Blowhole was tough? Try changing diapers! Celebrate Mother's Day with the Penguins Of Madagascar.

  • Cuteastrophe: Off the Charts Cute

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Cuteastrophe: Off the Charts Cute"

    Private pushes cuteness to the max and reaches another dimension full of rainbows and pretty unicorns.

  • Rest in Maurice: Boogie Till' You Drop Dead

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Rest in Maurice: Boogie Till' You Drop Dead"

    The penguins and King Julien do everything they can to keep Maurice groovin' to the beat.

  • Rest in Maurice: Extra Nice

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Rest in Maurice: Extra Nice"

    Everybody is tiptoeing around the topic of Maurice's health and being extra nice.

  • King Julien For a Day: The Taste of Leadership

    Penguins of Madagascar: "King Julien For a Day: The Taste of Leadership"

    King Julien awakes to a stinky breakfast on his first day as the Penguins' new leader.

  • King Julien for a Day: Cotton Candy Mission

    Penguins of Madagascar: "King Julien for a Day: Cotton Candy Mission"

    Julien gets his hands on the subatomic, secret thingy...and outshines Skipper.

  • Kanga Management: Hot Potato

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Kanga Management: Hot Potato"

    Things go "BOOM" when the Penguins play an old game with a dangerous new twist.

  • Rat Fink: Mort The Mole

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Rat Fink: Mort The Mole"

    Mort and his tail, Rodney, are chosen for a top secret spy mission. King Julien is jealous.

  • Rat Fink: Invasion!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Rat Fink: Invasion!"

    A hostile rat infestation at the zoo turns out to be much sweeter than expected.

  • Kanga Management: Roo Service

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Kanga Management: Roo Service"

    The Penguins do their best to make their new zoo-mates comfortable, but they keep messing up.

  • Operation Break-speare: Late Night Dance Party

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Operation Break-speare: Late Night Dance Party"

    Julien likes to party 'till the break of dawn, and the Penguins want peace and quiet.

  • Danger Wears a Cape: Comic Books

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Danger Wears a Cape: Comic Books"

    Skipper warns the team about the dangers of reading flashy comic books, but they don't seem to care.

  • Danger Wears a Cape: Evil!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Danger Wears a Cape: Evil!"

    The Penguins take on superhero alter-egos to thwart evil at the zoo after dark.

  • Love Hurts: Hello Nurse

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Love Hurts: Hello Nurse"

    Private puts his life in danger so he can spend more time flirting at the hospital.

  • Love Hurts: Nurse Shauna

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Love Hurts: Nurse Shauna"

    Private finds a reason to get hurt over and over again - Nurse Shauna!

  • The Officer X Factor: Fight or Flight

    Penguins of Madagascar: "The Officer X Factor: Fight or Flight"

    The penguins take to the skies to avoid the new zoo security guard.

  • The Officer X Factor: Hot Concrete

    Penguins of Madagascar: "The Officer X Factor: Hot Concrete"

    Not only is the zoo hot enough to fry an egg, but all of the water in the pools is gone!

  • Brush With Danger: Laser Show

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Brush With Danger: Laser Show"

    The Penguins shake their groove thangs in a laser-guided disco explosion.

  • Brush With Danger: No Pockets!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Brush With Danger: No Pockets!"

    The Penguins discuss the holes in Kowalski's latest Earth-shattering invention.

  • Whisper and Coups: Basic Training

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Whisper and Coups: Basic Training"

    The Penguins reluctantly accept Julien's mission & train him to be a soldier in their army.

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