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  • Whisper and Coups: Maurice Is Missing

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Whisper and Coups: Maurice Is Missing"

    King Julien's right hand man is up to something and he is determined to find out what.

  • Stuff Characters Say

    Stuff Characters Say

    Nick characters say the darndest things! Check out a sampling of their wacky words!

  • Holiday Tunes: "Jingle Bells"

    Holiday Tunes: "Jingle Bells"

    Jingle all the way with your fave Nick stars as they sing this holiday favorite!

  • The All Nighter Before Christmas: So Many Santas

    Penguins of Madagascar: "The All Nighter Before Christmas: So Many Santas"

    Julien & his crew lead five Santas and half the cops in the city on a high speed chase.

  • The All Nighter Before Christmas: Meowry Christmas

    Penguins of Madagascar: "The All Nighter Before Christmas: Meowry Xmas"

    The Penguins sift through thousands of online cat videos in search of Santa magic.

  • The All Nighter Before Christmas: Kidsmas

    Penguins of Madagascar: "The All Nighter Before Christmas: Kidsmas"

    When the Zoo closes, the Penguins throw a mondo Christmas fiesta for the animal families.

  • Truth Ache: CIA Skipper

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Truth Ache: CIA Skipper"

    Skipper, a spy at heart, collects secrets about all of the animals in the zoo.

  • Command Crisis: Live At 5

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Command Crisis: Live At 5"

    Skipper comes down with Anchormanesia, a disease that makes him think he's on the news!

  • Hot Ice: Rat Trap

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Hot Ice: Rat Trap"

    The animals use a stolen necklace to lure two burglars into a trap.

  • Work Order: Ten Plagues

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Work Order: Ten Plagues"

    The penguins dream up a series of tricks to scare away a zoo construction worker.

  • Hot Ice: Shooting Star

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Hot Ice: Shooting Star"

    Boneheaded robbers accidentally launch their booty into King Julien's habitat.

  • Work Order: Egg-o-mania

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Work Order: Egg-o-mania"

    Things go very wrong for The Penguins during an egg rescue mission.

  • Friend-In-A-Box: Yo-yo-yo

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Friend-In-A-Box: Yo-yo-yo"

    King Julian is having a tough time with his yo-yo-yo.

  • Driven To The Brink: Carmageddon

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Driven To The Brink: Carmageddon"

    A possessed racecar takes a bite out of Rico, and you better believe that Rico bites back!

  • Cradle and All: Doodie Calls

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Cradle and All: Doodie Calls"

    The Penguins face one of their most dangerous challenges yet... A dirty diaper.

  • Invention Intervention: Back To The Lab

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Invention Intervention: Back To The Lab"

    Kowalski gets caught inventing a giant invisibility ray in the middle of the night.

  • Hello Dollface: Channel Surfing

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Hello Dollface: Channel Surfing"

    Rico goes totally gaga over a commercial for a talking doll called Chatty Kathy.

  • The Penguins of Madagascar Halloween Short

    The Penguins of Madagascar Halloween Short

    The Penguins go batty over a Halloween moon, only to find that they can't actually fly.

  • Wishful Thinking: Hocus Pocus

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Wishful Thinking: Hocus Pocus"

    King Julien asks a magical fountain for a pair of inline rollerskates.

  • Wishful Thinking: Give Me Gumballs!

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Wishful Thinking: Give Me Gumballs!"

    Mort discovers that the fountain at Central Park Zoo has real magical powers!

  • The Big Squeeze: Serpent Slam

    Penguins of Madagascar: "The Big Squeeze: Serpent Slam"

    When the zoo's new boa swallows their friends, the penguins introduce him to an elephant.

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