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  • Wobbly

    Dr. Jiggly and the Nick Crew: "Wobbly" Remix

    Nick's hottest new jam. Permission to Wobble: Granted.

  • Skipper's Nightmare

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Skipper's Nightmare"

    Skipper faces Dr. Blowhole, but that's only just the beginning!

  • Epic Wins: Super Brawl 2

    NickGamer: Epic Wins: Super Brawl 2

    Check out some awesome NickGamer domination in these Epic Wins!

  • Block Party Tips!

    NickGamer: Block Party Tips!

    Play as your favorite Nick characters and get gold shiny coins!

  • Stuff Mort Says

    Penguins of Madagascar: Stuff Mort Says

    Mort always speaks mind, when he's not talking about feet!

  • The Closet of Doom

    Penguins of Madagascar: "The Closet of Doom"

    Private has to retrieve a precious objective in the most dangerous of dungeons - the Penguin's broom closet!

  • Tug of War

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Tug of War"

    Skipper makes sure that the Penguins won't lose against Julien's team in Tug of War.

  • Epic Fails: Nick Racers Revolution 3D

    Epic Fails: Nick Racers Revolution 3D

    Things clearly don't seem to be going according to plan for these Nick gamers...

  • Dance Like a King!

    Dance Like a King!

    At the Royal Dance Academy, King Julien will have you shakin' yo booty in no time!

  • The REAL Penguins

    The REAL Penguins

    Can these real life penguins survive the rotten mango stench? Find out on the next Operation: Rotten Mango!

  • Rico Barfs!

    Penguins of Madagascar: Rico Barfs

    Rico can barf up any item you could ever imagine!

  • "Julien's Birthday"

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Julien's Birthday"

    Julien wants a flash and explosive birthday!

  • Julien's Birthday

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Julien's Birthday"

    Julien wants a flashy and explosive birthday!

  • Julien's Birthday

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Julien's Birthday"

    Julien wants a flash and explosive birthday!

  • Hock Shop

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Hock Shop"

    Rico is always there to provide every necessary and unnecessary item needed in order to get the job done.

  • Dancing Fool

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Dancing Fool"

    Dancing isn't one of Skipper's favorite hobbies.

  • How to Make a Penguin Fly!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "How to Make a Penguin Fly"

    The Penguins have finally found a way to fly. Will this reality last?

  • No Thanks, I'm Stuffed

    Penguins of Madagascar: "No Thanks, I'm Stuffed"

    Skipper mistakes a plushie for Private.

  • Operation: Swap-Panzee: Penguins in Space

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Operation: Swap-Panzee: Penguins in Space"

    The Penguins find out that Phil the Chimp is being recruited for space flight. They then come up with a plan to replace the Chimp with a Penguin.

  • Mental Hen: Gorilla Mischief

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Mental Hen: Gorilla Mischief"

    The gorillas are out to get the blue hen, but what could they possibly want with her?

  • Seige the Day: Private's Hatchlings

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Seige the Day: Private's Hatchlings"

    Private agrees to watch the baby ducklings but quickly finds that they're not babies anymore.

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