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  • Nighty Night Ninja: Sleep Fighting

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Nighty Night Ninja: Sleep Fighting"

    When Ninja movies seep into Leonard the Koala's dreams they pack a real punch.

  • Street Smarts: Doggy Trouble

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Street Smarts: Doggy Trouble"

    Mort finds trouble in the form of a big, BIG, BIG DOG!

  • Love Takes Flightless: A Freak-O for Rico

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Love Takes Flightless: A Freak-O for Rico"

    What says romance like a penguins-sized sculpture made of chewing gum?

  • Stop Bugging: Rico's Bros

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Stop Bugging Me: Rico's Bros"

    A couple of bro-tastic bugs show up at headquarters and turn out to be Rico's friends!

  • Penguins of Madagascar: "Stuff King Julien Says"

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Stuff King Julien Says"

    Don't miss all the wacky stuff King Julien says, on Penguins of Madagascar!

  • Antics on Ice: Huge Fans

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Antics on Ice: Huge Fans"

    The Penguins decide to take Private and his friends to Lunacorns on Ice, but they soon realize getting there is half the battle!

  • Operation Big Blue Marble: Gift from the Sky Gods

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Operation Big Blue Marble: Gift from the Sky Gods"

    When summer changes to winter in five seconds, Julien starts to suspect the Sky Gods are mad at a certain group of Penguins.

  • Action Reaction: Skipper the Stress Ball

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Action Reaction: Skipper the Stress Ball"

    Skipper fluffs up into a huge penguin ball each time something urks him. Which happens a lot!

  • King Me: Mind Switch

    Penguins of Madagascar: "King Me: Mind Switch"

    The penguins switch King Julien's mind with Ricos in order to win a competition!

  • Feline Fervor: Scratch Post Sling

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Feline Fervor: Scratch Post Sling"

    King Julien is lost outside of the zoo and meets a furry feline, but she tries to get rid of him!

  • Operation Antarctica: The 8,523 Miles Song!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Operation Antarctica: The 8,523 Miles Song!"

    Private and Hunter the Leopard Seal embark on a groovy journey back to Antarctica, enjoying all 8,523 miles of it along the way!

  • Pet Peeved: Terrible Twins

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Pet Peeved: Terrible Twins"

    Two very spoiled twin brothers are about to make Central Park Zoo their personal pet store.

  • Byte Sized: Micro Machine Miracles

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Byte Sized: Micro Machine Miracles"

    Kowalski creates mini machines that can make the perfect slice of toast and cup of sardine-coffee. Skipper isn't sure he cant trust these new robotic helpers.

  • Blowhole Strikes Back: Porpoise Power Ballad

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Blowhole Strikes Back: Porpoise Power Ballad"

    Dr. Blowhole jacks the hyper-powered evil heart of an mp3 player gone mad.

  • Blowhole Strikes Back: Thump Thump!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Blowhole Strikes Back: Thump Thump!"

    King Julien pulls out the big guns to defeat a killer Mp3 player with his new club anthem "Thump Thump".

  • Blowhole Strikes Back: A Pwned Penguin!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Blowhole Strikes Back: A Pwned Penguin!"

    Dr. Blowhole's latest scheme has gotten the best of Skipper - his mind! With all of Skipper's thoughts in the palm of his flipper, Blowhole threatens to eliminate the Penguins!

  • Blowhole Strikes Back: Alex the Lion

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Blowhole Strikes Back: Alex the Lion"

    Skipper is visited by an old friend in the form of a hallucination. Will he help guide Skipper to safety?

  • Blowhole Strikes Back: Skipper's Dream

    Penguins of Madagascar: Blowhole Strikes Back: Skipper's Dream

    Skipper experiences some strange guests in the upcoming Penguins Special - Blowhole Strikes Back!

  • Rico Behind the Scenes

    Rico Behind the Scenes

    Meet the voice behind Rico!

  • Skipper Behind the Scenes

    Skipper Behind the Scenes

    Found out the voice actor behind our lovable penguin Skipper!

  • Kowalski Behind the Scenes

    Kowalski Behind the Scenes

    Meet the voice behind the Head of Strategy Kowalski!

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