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  • Julien Behind the Scenes

    Julien Behind the Scenes

    Meet the voice behind King Julien and tune in to Penguins of Madagascar - Only on Nick!

  • Private Behind the Scenes

    Private Behind the Scenes

    Check out the voice behind Private!

  • Loathe at First Sight: Zip It!

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Loathe at First Sight: Zip It!"

    Private loses his sweet and kind persona and focuses on one thing - attacking Kowalski!

  • Operation Vacation: Julien's Greatest Weakness

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Operation Vacation: Julien's Greatest Weakness"

    King Julien's booty meets its greatest threat - German Folk Music!

  • Operation Vacation: Ovah Here in Hoboken

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Operation Vacation: Ovah Here in Hoboken"

    The Penguins go from the open seas to the concrete streets of Hoboken in an instant!

  • Love Takes Flightless: A Freak-O for Rico

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Love Takes Flightless: A Freak-O for Rico"

    What says romance more than a penguin-sized sculpture made of bubble gum?

  • Alienated: Brace For Impact!

    Penguins Of Madagascar: "Alienated: Brace For Impact!"

    A flaming meteor heads directly for the Central Park Zoo!

  • The Otter Woman: Hello Beautiful!

    Penguins Of Madagascar: "The Otter Woman: Hello Beautiful!"

    After an accidental dye job, the boys go gaga for Marlene.

  • Mort Vs. Private

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Mort Vs. Private

    Who is the cutest animal in the Central Park Zoo? Nobody knows for sure! Do YOU?

  • Rico Vs. Julien

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Rico Vs. Julien

    Who is the Central Park Zoo's funniest animal?

  • Premiere Week After Party!

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Premiere Week After Party!

    Get briefed on the 5 thrilling new missions that broke last week!

  • A Visit From Uncle Nigel "False Alarm"

    Penguins Of Madagascar: A Visit From Uncle Nigel "False Alarm"

    While Skipper wants it to be a declaration of war, a foreign post card announces that Private's uncle is visiting from England!

  • Herring Impaired "Sunken Treasure"

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Herring Impaired "Sunken Treasure"

    The penguins get a whiff of ancient treasure stored in the New York bay...and it smells delicious.

  • Rock-A-Bye Birdie "Coochie Coo"

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Rock-A-Bye Birdie "Coochie Coo"

    Skipper goes from kung-fu master to cutie pie disaster in the blink of an eye!

  • All Tied Up With A Boa "Snake Escape!"

    Penguins Of Madagascar: All Tied Up With A Boa "Snake Escape!"

    The whole zoo is in a state of panic after receiving threats from a certain, slithering someone.

  • Operation Neighbor Swap "Later Lemurs!"

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Operation Neighbor Swap "Later Lemurs!"

    The zoo is ordered to move the lemurs to a new zoo. Is it a simple mistake, or a simply genius move by the Penguins?

  • Kowalski Rules

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Kowalski Rules

    Give it up for the mad scientist with the sick inventing skills!

  • The King Of Comedy

    Penguins Of Madagascar: The King Of Comedy

    Is King Julien the funniest animal in the Zoo... Or is he just funny-looking??

  • Rico's Barf-O-Rama

    Penguins Of Madagascar: Rico's Barf-O-Rama

    Watch how Rico and his bottomless belly puke away the Penguins' problems. BLAAAHHHP!

  • The Mom Squad

    Penguins Playlist: The Mom Squad

    You think Blowhole was tough? Try changing diapers! Celebrate Mother's Day with the Penguins Of Madagascar.

  • Cuteastrophe: Off the Charts Cute

    Penguins of Madagascar: "Cuteastrophe: Off the Charts Cute"

    Private pushes cuteness to the max and reaches another dimension full of rainbows and pretty unicorns.

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