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  • In The Line of Doody: Children's Zoo

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "In The Line of Doody: Children's Zoo"

    The penguins take security into their own... flippers.

  • Gator Watch: Sewer Stink

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Gator Watch: Sewer Stink"

    The stinky sewer is no place for penguins, not to mention a nine-foot alligator!

  • Stop Bugging Me: Bromotion!

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Stop Bugging Me: Bromotion!"

    Rico befriends a tribe of party animal cockroaches who call themselves Broaches.

  • The Helmet: Mind Over Matter

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "The Helmet: Mind Over Matter"

    The Penguins test out a sweet new device that lets them move objects with their minds!

  • Kaboom and Kabust: And There Was Exploding

    Penguins: "Kaboom and Kabust: And There Was Exploding"

    Rico and Julien perform an unauthorized "kaboom" on a billboard.

  • It's About Time: Kowalski 2.0

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "It's About Time: Kowalski 2.0"

    Which Kowalski is the real Kowalski?

  • The Red Squirrel: Bunker Occupied

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "The Red Squirrel: Bunker Occupied"

    47 years is a long time to wait for a squirrel, no matter what color it is.

  • Dr. Blowhole's Revenge: Chrome Claw

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Dr. Blowhole's Revenge: Chrome Claw"

    Blowhole reveals his fiendish plan and spendy Lair Theater System.

  • Huffin and Puffin: Friendly Gestures

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Huffin and Puffin: Friendly Gestures"

    Hans tries to make nice with Skipper, and the Penguins bring out the flamethrower.

  • The Penguin Stays In the Picture: Star Quality

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "The Penguin Stays In the Picture: Star Quality"

    A photographer has all the animals posing for the camera but guess who gets the attention.

  • The Falcon and the Snow Job: Change of Diet

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "The Falcon and the Snow Job: Change of Diet"

    Skipper falls for a perfectly nice falcon who kind of wants to eat his friends.

  • Snakehead!: Just Fishing

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Snakehead!: Just Fishing"

    It's just a regular day for the Penguins, doing some fishing when...

  • Jiggles: The Orb

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Jiggles: The Orb"

    Kowalski's been working in his lab all night. What's he got to show for it?

  • Zoo Tube: Top Secret Plan

    The Penguins Madagascar: "Zoo Tube: Top Secret Plan"

    To get the humans back to the zoo, the animals have to take action -- fast.

  • Miss Understanding: 3 out of 4

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Miss Understanding: 3 out of 4"

    The zookeeper says there are 3 male penguins and 1 female. DNA tests immediately!

  • Otter Things Have Happened: Cupid Machine

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Otter Things Have Happened: Cupid Machine"

    Marlene the otter plays guinea pig for the Penguins' matchmaking device.

  • An Elephant Never Forgets: Jumbo Exodus

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "An Elephant Never Forgets: Jumbo Exodus"

    The elephant needs help getting outta town. The penguins need to act fast.

  • Untouchable: Toxic Frog

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Untouchable: Toxic Frog"

    A new member of the zoo could make it a poisonous place.

  • All King, No Kingdom: Entry Denied

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "All King, No Kingdom: Entry Denied"

    One of the animals is banned from a party and it's "total outrageousness."

  • I Was a Penguin Zombie: Green Stuff

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "I Was a Penguin Zombie: Green Stuff"

    Skipper gets loopy when he gets treated with a topical green cream.

  • Sting Operation

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Sting Operation"

    Mort is required to go on an operation that does not require kisses and hugs.

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