• (1)Welcome to Republic City

    Welcome to Republic City video

    Korra escapes to Republic City but she is met with trouble, will she make it out unscathed in the big city?

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  • (2)A Leaf in the Wind

    A Leaf in the Wind video

    Korra secretly joins a pro-bending team and competes in a match! However she needs to learn air-bend in order to survive, will she pull it off in time?

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  • (3)The Revelation

    The Revelation video

    Korra is faced with a true test of her Avatar ideals, when Amon reveals an incredible power!

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  • (4)The Voice in the Night

    The Voice in the Night video

    Korra joins a task force to capture the Equalist leader Amon and risks losing her bending powers when she falls into a trap.

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  • (5)The Spirit of Competition

    The Spirit of Competition video

    The Fire Ferrets are out of sync for the competition, as romance brews between teammates!

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  • (6)And The Winner Is...

    And The Winner Is... video

    The finals of the Pro-Bending Competition have arrived! Will the Fire Ferrets stand a chance against the reigning champions?

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  • (7)The Aftermath

    The Aftermath video

    Korra and Tenzin suspect Hiroshi Sato of having Equalist ties. Will she hurt Mako and Asami in the process?

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  • (8)When Extremes Meet

    When Extremes Meet video

    Tarrlok convinces the council to approve a controversial new law after Amon's latest attack.

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  • (9)Out of the Past

    Out of the Past video

    Korra is captured by Tarrlok and must make a deep connection in order to figure out the past!

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  • (10)Turning The Tides

    Turning The Tides video

    Amon and the Equalists attempt to take over Republic City! Do Korra and team have the strength to stop him?

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