The Mom Squad
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The Penguins of Madagascar

The Mom Squad

Mommy MIssion

SO MASTER XANDRED SENT HIS MOOGER MINIONS TO CHALLENGE ME. THEN MEET MY SWORD, URAMASA! HUH! [grunting] [swords clashing] [sonic zing] [explosion] [burst of water] - I'VE LOST MY PATIENCE WITH YOU, DEKER! [grunting] [swords clashing] [grunting] HOW DARE YOU MEDDLE IN MY AFFAIRS? LEAVE IT TO A HALF HUMAN LIKE YOU TO SIDE WITH THEM. - I KNOW YOU WANT THE RED RANGER DESTROYED, BUT HE IS TIED TO MY DESTINY. I MUST DUEL HIM. YOU MUST LET ME DO THIS! - HUH! [grunting] [water splashing] - WHAT YOU WANT MEANS NOTHING TO ME! - I HAVE NO INTEREST IN BATTLING YOU. - VERY WISE OF YOU, BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN AVOID MY WRATH. [fiery combustion] - UH! [swords clashing] YOU WILL NOT STOP ME. [grunts] [explosions] UH! - [grunts] - SAY WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT MY HALF-HUMAN STATE, BUT IT KEEPS ME FROM BEING A PRISONER IN THIS NETHERWORLD LIKE YOU. HUH! [water splashing] - [grunts] - BYE, BYE, BIRDIES. [victorious music] ♪ ♪ [moogers screeching] - LET'S FINISH THIS. [battle wing soaring] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ [explosions] - I THOUGHT YOU'D FLOWN THE COOP. - LOOKS LIKE WE SAVED THE WORST FOR LAST. - [growls] FINE. I'LL DO THIS MYSELF. [growling] [swords clashing] - LET'S FLY UP SO WE CAN TAKE HIM DOWN. [intense rock music] ♪ ♪ - FOLLOW MY LEAD. all: HUH! HA! HA! [blades zinging] MEGABLADE ACTIVATE. KATANA POWER! HUH! HA! - HUH? WHAT? [mechanical whirring] all: FLYING SLASH. - WHA? UH! all: MEGASPIN KATANA STRIKE! - HUH! - HIYA! - HUH! HIYA! all: FINAL STRIKE! HUH! HA! [katana zapping] [explosion] - [shouting] [explosion] - RANGERS, VICTORY IS OURS. - YEAH! - [giggles]