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  • Here Comes the Sandman

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Dream Snatcher: Here Comes the Sandman"

    Not even your dreams are safe from this wicked monster!

  • No Joke

    Power Rangers Megaforce: Last Laugh: "No Joke"

    This mysterious villan is seriously No Joke, really, that's his name!

  • Ding Dong Who's There?

    Sam & Cat: "Ding Dong Who's There?"

    Sam & Cat's babysitting business is growing everyday, you never know who will be showing up at their door. See who's knockin' on this edition of Ding Dong!

  • Patrick's Quest for Food

    Spongebob Squarepants: "Patrick's Quest for Food"

    There's only one thing on Patrick's mind and that's nachos! A starfish has gotta eat right?

  • Too Many Powers to Handle

    Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultra Power: "Too Many Powers to Handle"

    The Power Rangers were ready to take on one ultimate power, but can they handle FIVE?!

  • How to Defeat Bad Guys Megaforce Style

    How to Defeat Bad Guys Megaforce Style

    In 4 easy steps, you can save the world and be its protectors - Megaforce Style!

  • Meet Shadow Serpent

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Man and Machine: Meet Shadow Serpent"

    Robo Knight and the Rangers might be in some snaky trouble with Shadow Serpent!

  • Morphin' Through The Ages

    Power Rangers: Morphin' Through The Ages

    Watch as the Red Ranger Morphs through the ages!

  • Super Superhero Song!

    Power Rangers Megaforce: Super Superhero Song!

    Jam out with the rangers in this Super Superhero Song!

  • Turn Off the Screech!

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Harmony and Dizchord: Turn Off the Screech!"

    A monster is rocking some brain splitting music all across the city and it's up to the Power Rangers to turn off the screech!

  • United We Stand: Coordinated Assault

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "United We Stand: Coordinated Assault"

    Coordination is the key to fighting a lot of Loogies!

  • Stranger Ranger: Bug Zapper

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Stranger Ranger: Bug Zapper"

    Creepox challenges the Red Ranger to a duel!

  • Stranger Ranger: Fake Hero

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Stranger Ranger: Fake Hero"

    A civilian pretends to be the Red Ranger.

  • Portals of Power Game Tips!

    NickGamer: "Portals of Power" Tips

    NickGamer gives you the inside scoop on the Power Rangers Super Samurai game - "Portals of Power".

  • Going Viral: Some Kind of Superhero?

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Going Viral: Some Kind of Superhero?"

    Does Noah have what it takes to be a superhero?

  • Going Viral: Loogie Boogie

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Going Viral: Loogie Boogie"

    It's a strike out when the Loogies chase Troy and Emma!

  • Go Go Samurai Remix!

    Go Go Samurai Remix!

    Rock out to this killer Power Ranger Remix!

  • He Blasted Me with Science: Time to Act!

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "He Blasted Me with Science: Time to Act!"

    When they see a human in danger, the Megaforce Rangers don't delay - they fight!

  • Power Rangers Megaforce: "Morphin' Time!"

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Morphin' Time!"

    The Megaforce Rangers morph for the very first time!

  • "He Blasted Me with Science: Weird Dream"

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "He Blasted Me with Science: Weird Dream"

    Troy, the new Red Ranger dreams of epic battles!

  • "Command Center"

    Power Rangers Megaforce: "Command Center"

    The new Rangers stumble upon the new Command Center!

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