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  • This + That = Sam & Cat x 2

    Sam & Cat: "This + That = Sam & Cat x 2"

    When you add this, with a little bit of that, the answer is always Sam & Cat!

  • Monkey Goblins

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mazes & Mutants: "Monkey Goblins"

    The Turtles are just like you, they like board games too!

  • Doggy Danger

    Rabbids Invasion: Rabbid 2.0: "Doggy Danger"

    The Rabbids turn their ruff time into a great time!

  • Girl Crew

    The Thundermans: Nothing to Lose Sleepover: "Girl Crew"

    Nothing says sleep over like girls, glitter and giggling!

  • So Embarrassing!

    SpongeBob SquarePants: “Squidward’s Most Embarrassing Moment Ever!"

    Working at the Krusty Krab comes with it’s ups, downs, and really embarrassing noises.

  • Stuff Buhdeuce Says

    Breadwinners: "Stuff Buhdeuce Says"

    You can't stop Buhdeuce from booty-kickin' Yip-yip!

  • Pup in the Air

    TUFF Puppy: "Pup in the Air"

    Birdbrain uses an anti-gravity device to fly with disastrous results!

  • Trivia Time with Curtis!

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Trivia Time with Curtis Harris!"

    If TMNT was a subject in school, Curtis would be an A+ student!

  • #LilWishes

    The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: "#LilWishes"

    Lil' Sam & Cat take you behind the scenes of big Sam & Cat!

  • Picking An Outfit

    Haunted Hathaways: "Picking An Outfit"

    Amber Montana has a lot of fresh gear, but it takes time to land on the perfect outfit.

  • Luggage Fun

    Rabbids Invasion: Safe Deposit Rabbids: "Luggage Fun"

    One man's luggage is another Rabbid's treasure.

  • Sidelined: How Safe are Kids Sports?

    Nick News: "Sidelined: How Safe are Kids Sports?"

    Kids involved in sports are getting hurt in alarming numbers. Yet it seems more than half of sports injuries to kids are preventable. How did we get here? And what’s being done to reverse this trend?

  • SpongeZeus

    SpongeBob SquarePants Mini: "SpongeZeus"

    If SpongeBob ruled the world, that world would be full of Krabby Patties.

  • Saturday Night Song!

    Saturday Night Song!

    If you like maple syrup showers and funny bunny outfits, then we'll see you here on Saturday nights!

  • Saturday Mornings Rock!

    Saturday Mornings Rock!

    Saturday mornings are the BEST. Just take it from all your favorite Nick characters!

  • Hair Like Dice!

    Sam & Cat: "Hair Like Dice!"

    Want poodle-soft curls? Tired of rolling the dice with hair products, try "Thrice" today (or not because it's totally fake)!

  • Hmm. This is Awkward.

    Hmm. This is Awkward.

    Wanna know what's awkward? This video.

  • "Inside #DroneBabyDrone

    The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: "Inside #DroneBabyDrone"

    Lil' Sam & Cat take you behind the scenes of big Sam & Cat!

  • Zach King's Dressing Room Magic

    Zach King's Dressing Room Magic

    Enter another dimension, where Nick Stars reach beyond time and space to get ready for the camera!

  • The Andresian Connection

    Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Silver Lining (Part 2): "The Andresian Connection"

    The Silver Ranger is finally on earth, but whatever happened to his planet?

  • The Good, The Bwahhh and The Plungey

    Rabbids Invasion: Raving Chicken: "The Good, The Bwahhh and The Plungey"

    The Rabbids get stuck in a little bit of plunger crossfire.

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