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  • Look Ahead at Book 3!

    Legend of Korra: "Look Ahead at Book 3!"

    There is still much more to come in Book Three of Legend of Korra!

  • Trouble for Timmy

    A Fairly Odd Summer: "Trouble for Timmy"

    What happens when Wanda and Cosmo can't zap Timmy out of this one?

  • Finale Trailer

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Season Two Finale Trailer"

    The season finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be shelling out the action!

  • Time to Impress

    Fairly OddParents: Dog Gone/Turner Back Time: "Time to Impress"

    The Turners have an odd way of impressing the boss.

  • Blushing Maddie

    Every Witch Way: Emma Wants a Cracker: "Blushing Maddie"

    Maddie is looking a little different these days and she is NOT happy!

  • Jack & Patrick Smerge

    The Thundermans: "Nick Stars Smerge: Jack & Patrick"

    Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, and they combine to make one handsome creature!

  • The Breakup

    Every Witch Way: "The Breakup"

    Desdemona makes Gigi her personal minion. After their recent breakup, tensions run high between Daniel and Emma. The T3 decide to play a prank on Emma.

  • One Phone Forever

    Haunted Hathaways: "One Phone to Last Forever"

    Having phone problems? Need a solution that "sticks"? Perma Phone is here to answer your call!

  • Missminion

    Every Witch Way: "Missminion"

    Daniel breaks up with Emma after finding out that she’s been hiding her powers from him. Gigi prepares for a groundbreaking newscast.

  • Old Wounds

    Legend of Korra: "Old Wounds"

    Beifong is forced to face her past.

  • The Terror Within

    Legend of Korra: "The Terror Within"

    Zaheer and his group attempt to abduct Korra.

  • Chaning Emma

    Every Witch Way: Miss Information: "Changing Emma"

    Miss Information gets to the bottom of Emma's different looks.

  • Original Airbenders

    Legend of Korra: "Original Airbenders"

    Tenzin tries to train the new members of the Air Nation while dealing with Bumi’s bad attitude.


    Legend of Korra: The Stakeout: "WANTED"

    Korra and the crew aren't exactly welcomed visitors at this local spot.

  • Super-Secret BFF!

    Henry Danger: Super-Secret BFF!

    Is your best friend REALLY who they say they are? Make sure with these tell-all signs!

  • Dog Gone/Turner Back Time

    Fairly OddParents: "Dog Gone/Turner Back Time"

    Dad refuses to sell Sparky to his boss so he makes Dad’s life miserable at work. Timmy and Sparky hatch a plan. Timmy wishes his ancestors had picked different careers. Timmy’s family becomes rich and spoiled.

  • The Emma Squad

    Every Witch Way: "The Emma Squad"

    Emma’s cloning spell wreaks havoc on her social life. Meanwhile, Maddie seeks out Lily for help in strengthening her powers.

  • Team Jax or Daniel?

    Every Witch Way: "Team Jax or Daniel?"

    Daniel and Jax don't have a lot in common, except a witch named Emma! Pick your team!

  • Beneath the Cushions

    Haunted Hathaways: "True Nickelodeon Stories: Beneath the Cushions"

    He's a legend of the screen and known for his performance as best "supporting" actor. Meet the Haunted Hathaways Couch!

  • The Earth Queen

    Legend of Korra: "The Earth Queen"

    Team Avatar travels to Ba Sing Se to search for Airbenders.

  • Rebirth

    Legend of Korra: "Rebirth"

    Korra and Team Avatar set out to reestablish the Air Nation.

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!