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  • A Sticky Situation

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "A Sticky Situation"

    The Samurai Rangers are seriously stuck when the Green and Blue Rangers get fooled by Epoxor!

  • The Strange Case of The Munchies

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "The Strange Case of The Munchies"

    As Emily begins to worry that she's too nice, a Nighlok's black sand causes desperate hunger and thirst in the other Rangers

  • Runaway Spike

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Runaway Spike"

    Spike runs away to find his calling while the Rangers battle a multiplying nighlok!

  • Kevin's Choice

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Kevin's Choice"

    When Kevin loses his Samuraizer in battle he returns to his days as a gold medal swimmer.

  • He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother"

    When Mia's brother Terry comes to visit, it's going to be a rock and roll party!

  • Morphin' Through The Ages

    Power Rangers: Morphin' Through The Ages

    Watch as the Red Ranger Morphs through the ages!

  • Super Samurai Walkthrough

    NickGamer: Power Rangers Super Samurai Walkthrough

    Here's some tips to beat those evil Moogers in Power Rangers Super Samurai!

  • Super Samurai Gamer Tips!

    Super Samurai Gamer Tips!

    Get some inside tips on how to CRUSH the rockin' new Power Rangers game, Super Samurai.

  • Stuck on Christmas: Jolly Nighlok

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Stuck on Christmas: Jolly Nighlok"

    The nighlok Gred wants to foil the Rangers' Christmas plans!

  • Samurai Forever: Final Battle

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Samurai Forever: Final Battle"

    The Rangers have their backs against the wall, but with new weapons they're able to mount one last push against Master Xandred!

  • The Sealing Symbol: Dayu's Sacrifice

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "The Sealing Symbol: Dayu's Sacrifice"

    Dayu makes the ultimate sacrifice as Master Xandred returns to the surface. Will the Rangers be able to tackle what looms ahead?

  • Lauren Leads

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "The Great Duel: Lauren Leads"

    Gigertox proves to be tougher than expected. Will Lauren and the Rangers be able to save the day?

  • Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Jayden's Secret Unfolds"

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Fight Fire With Fire: Jayden's Secret Unfolds"

    The day has finally come when Jayden must reveal his secret to the other Samurai Rangers.

  • Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Monster Bash"

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Trickster Treat: Monster Bash"

    The Samurai Rangers fight their way through a Halloween Nighlok attack, but is it all an elaborate game set up by Trickster?

  • A Crack in the World: Meet Pestilox

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "A Crack in the World: Meet Pestilox"

    The Samurai Rangers are back and taking on a real "pest" of a Nighlok - Pestilox!

  • (AD) Power Rangers Samurai: "Red Ranger Flash Mob!"

    (AD) Power Rangers Samurai: "Red Ranger Flash Mob!"

    (AD)Watch as all of the Red Rangers unleash their fury on a group of clueless Moogers.

  • The Master Returns: Dayu's Harmonium

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "The Master Returns: Dayu's Harmonium"

    Serrator reveals that Dayu's Harmonium is the key to Master Xandred's power.

  • Trust Me: Shogun Spear

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Trust Me: Shogun Spear"

    With the combination of the Bullzooka and the Red Ranger's sword, the Shogun Spear cannot be beat!

  • Trust Me: In Threes

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Trust Me: In Threes"

    When the Rangers travel to a distant island they are greeted by three different enemies at once.

  • Power Rangers Super Samurai: "A Sticky Situation: Meet Epoxor"

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "A Sticky Situation: Meet Epoxor"

    A sticky new Nighlok named Epoxor gets a second chance after putting both the Blue and Green Rangers out of comission.

  • A Sticky Situation: Deker and Dayu Return

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "A Sticky Situation: Deker and Dayu Return"

    Serrator bribes the weakened Deker and Dayu to do his bidding against the human world.

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