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  • The Right Way vs. The Rabbids Way

    Rabbids Invasion: The Right Way vs. The Rabbids Way

    You can only do things the right way or The Rabbids way!

  • Bananas In The Building

    Rabbids Invasion: "Bananas In The Building"

    It's hard not to go bananas at the mall!

  • Rabbids Say Cheese/Baywatch Rabbids/Rabbid Market

    Rabbids Invasion: "Rabbids Say Cheese/Baywatch Rabbids/Rabbid Market"

    The Rabbids discover a photo booth kiosk in a mall, play at the beach, and run wild in a supermarket!

  • Who's In Charge?!

    Rabbids Invasion: "Who's In Charge?!"

    The Rabbids show this dog who's really in charge!

  • Butt As Seen on TV!

    Rabbids Invasion: "Butt As Seen on TV!"

    It's always fun when you're on TV!

  • Omelet Party/Rabbid Mollusk/Rabbid, Are You There?

    Rabbids: "Omelet Party/Rabbid Mollusk/Rabbid, Are You There?"

    The Rabbids visit a farm, the beach, and become fascinated with watching a burglar.

  • Plunger Power Play

    Rabbids Invasion: "Plunger Power Play"

    You dive into the challenge when all you have is a plunger!

  • Squishy Starfish Surprise

    Rabbids: "Squishy Starfish Surprise"

    The beach can bring about a lot of squishy surprises!

  • Omelet Party

    Rabbids Invasion: "Omelet Party"

    You can add curiosity and fun to this wacky omelet party!

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