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  • Saturday Mornings Rock!

    Saturday Mornings Rock!

    Saturday mornings are the BEST. Just take it from all your favorite Nick characters!

  • The Good, The Bwahhh and The Plungey

    Rabbids Invasion: Raving Chicken: "The Good, The Bwahhh and The Plungey"

    The Rabbids get stuck in a little bit of plunger crossfire.

  • Windy Vacation

    Rabbids Invasion: Rabbid Parasol: "Windy Vacation"

    The Rabbids don't exactly get the beautiful beach day they had hoped for.

  • Look Closely...

    Rabbids Invasion: Find the Rabbid!

    Can you find the missing Rabbid? Make sure to look close, VERY close!

  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    Lights, Camera, Action!

    This new jam proves that swagger and fashion are never out of place.

  • Robo Dance Off

    Haunted Hathaways: "Robo Dance Off"


  • The Month of Love

    The Month of Love

    Love is in the air...or in some cases, maybe it isn't?

  • Why Can't They Be Friends?

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Why Can't They Be Friends?"

    These frenemies have one thing in common...they cant get along!

  • Louie's Bwah-ful Fail

    Haunted Hathaways: "Louie's Bwah-ful Fail"

    Let's face it, Louie isn't good at haunting, but this time he's made a bwah-ful mistake!

  • Crush Confusions

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Crush Confusions"

    Crushes may be tough, but remember you can't spell crush without a little u.

  • Moon Mission

    Rabbids Invasion: Rabbid Race to the Moon: "Moon Mission"

    The Rabbids are one step closer to the moon!

  • Bwahhh Ready For This?

    Rabbids Invasion: "Bwahhh Ready For This?"

    The Rabbids are ready for some Footbwaahhh!

  • Rabbid Royalty

    Rabbids Invasion: Hypno Rabbid: "Rabbid Royalty"

    Some Rabbids can be a royal pain in the butt!

  • Time 2 Move

    Time 2 Move

    Nickelodeon presents, the most moving piece of music you'll ever hear. Get ready to dance!

  • Pretzel Problems

    Rabbids Invasion: Pecking Rabbid: "Pretzel Problems"

    A bird is making this Rabbid work hard for his snack!

  • Flight of the Rabbids/The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth/Holy Rabbid-Cow!

    Rabbids Invasion: "Flight of the Rabbids/The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth/Holy Rabbid-Cow!"

    The Rabbids attempt to fly. A conspiracy theorist who is determined to gather evidence of extraterrestrial life, mistakes a Rabbid dressed up as a chicken, as an alien life form.

  • Rappid Rabbid Vs. Craig Stopper

    Sanjay and Craig: "Rappid Rabbid Vs. Craig Stopper"

    Whose beats bring you to your feet? It's Rappid Rabbid versus Craig Stopper in the ultimate showdown!

  • Flying Rabbids

    Rabbids Invasion: Flight of the Rabbids: "Flying Rabbids"

    The Rabbids need wings, but where will they get them?

  • Turtles vs. Rabbids

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Turtles vs. Rabbids"

    The Turtles and the Rabbids are going head to head! Let the Race Begin!

  • Super Rabbid/Dueling Rabbids/Rabbid Test N°98004-c: the Animals

    Rabbids Invasion: "Super Rabbid/Dueling Rabbids/Rabbid Test N°98004-c: the Animals"

    The Rabbids stumble upon a comic book and mistake their leader for a super hero. The Rabbids engage in a duel.

  • Hearts will be Bent

    Legend of Korra: "Hearts will be Bent"

    It takes more than a rose to steal the Avatar's heart. See which Nick bachelor will win in the stunning Season Finale.

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