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  • B.A.L.L./Ukulele Wally

    Rocket Monkeys: "B.A.L.L./Ukulele Wally"

    Gus and Wally love anything round and bouncy - even if they're dangerous! Gus takes a game of Trash Torpedo too far, shooting Wally's beloved ukulele into space.

  • I Am Not a Banana/Scare-larious

    Rocket Monkeys: "I Am Not a Banana/Scare-larious"

    Lord Peel captures the Monkeys. Gus and Wally prank each other relentlessly to illustrate a theory for YAY-OK. Not to be outdone, YAY-OK puts together a terrifying joke of his own.

  • Inspection Day/Tail Fail!

    Rocket Monkeys: "Inspection Day/Tail Fail!"

    Gus thinks it'll be easy enough to talk his way out of Inspection Day, but Wally's unhinged behavior threatens to interfere. A fitting for new space-suits reveals that Gus's tail has grown just enough to classify him as a rare long-tailed monkey.

  • Nick Classic Sizzle

    Nick Classic Sizzle

    Nickelodeon: home of the wackiest, funniest, and most iconic characters.

  • Zombie Bananas/I'm YAY- OK You're Not YAY- OK

    Rocket Monkeys: "Zombie Bananas/I'm YAY- OK You're Not YAY- OK"

    A batch of toxic bananas has infiltrated the market, zombifying any primate who takes a bite. When Gus blames YAY-OK for his own mistake during a training exercise, Dr. Chimpsky sends them a replacement.

  • "I am Not a Banana: Detour"

    Rocket Monkeys: "I am Not a Banana: Detour"

    The Rocket Monkeys have been sent to find the ice planet of Brrrr, but when they find a Banana planet, they take an unexpected detour!

  • Inspection Day: Banana Rewards

    Rocket Monkeys: "Inspection Day: Banana Rewards"

    It's Inspection Day and the Monkeys are far from prepared!

  • Scare-larious: Story Time

    Rocket Monkeys: "Scare-larious: Story Time"

    Wally goes bananas after hearing a scary story!

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