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  • The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #10

    The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #10

    Lil' Sam & Cat take you behind the scenes of big Sam & Cat!

  • Ham & Cat

    Sam & Cat: "Ham & Cat"

    Who would have thought that your dinner and your pet could become BFFs? Ham and Cat surprise us all with their sweet (but strange) friendship.

  • Patrick's Quest for Food

    Spongebob Squarepants: "Patrick's Quest for Food"

    There's only one thing on Patrick's mind and that's nachos! A starfish has gotta eat right?

  • Jennette's Scary Laugh!

    Jennette's Scary Laugh!

    Little did you know that Jennette McCurdy has the best laugh in the world!

  • Ariana's Always Singing!

    Sam & Cat: Ariana's Always Singing!

    Here's something you may not know about Ariana Grande, she is ALWAYS singing!

  • Today's Word is Vomilish

    Sam & Cat: Nicktionary: Vomilish

    Vomilish (noun): two or more tasty ingredients that when blendered together will probably make you gag, usually eaten in the morning.

  • Ariana Grande's This or That!

    Ariana Grande's This or That!

    Ariana Grande gets inside Liz Gillies' head with This or That!

  • Swindle: Behind-The-Scenes!

    Swindle: Behind-The-Scenes!

    Don't miss these exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at Nick's new hit movie, Swindle!

  • Meet the Swindle Six!

    Meet the Swindle Six!

    Before we start swindlin', you need to meet the crew!

  • Swindle Sneak Peeks!

    Swindle Sneak Peeks!

    "Swindle" is coming this Saturday at 8pm!! Can't stand the wait? Watch these sneak peeks to hold yourself over!

  • Words With Jennette!

    Words With Jennette!

    Jennette McCurdy takes word association to a whole new level this time!

  • Swindle Stars: Funniest Moments!

    Swindle Stars: Funniest Moments!

    From Noah Munck's stellar dance moves to Jennette McCurdy's "out of this world" bike ride, watch these LOLsy moments with the stars of Swindle right here!

  • The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #9

    The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #9

    Watch another episode of the The Lil' Sam and Cat Show where everyone's favorite teeny-tiny hosts go behind the scenes of big Sam & Cat with Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande!

  • This + That = Sam & Cat

    Sam & Cat: "This + That = Sam & Cat"

    No prior knowledge of math is needed to jam out to this song!

  • My Best Friend's Mom

    Sam & Cat: "#MommaGoomer: My Best Friend's Mom"

    Dice is worries that Goomer's Mom will take his best friend away from him!

  • The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #8

    The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #8

    Watch episode 8 of the The Lil' Sam and Cat Show as the teeny-tiny Sam and Cat show us how toddlers climb!

  • Sam & Cat & Vicky's Babysitting Service

    Sam & Cat: Sam & Cat & Vicky's Babysitting Service

    Guess who's joining Sam and Cat's babysitting service....VICKY!

  • Competition Brewing!

    Sam & Cat: "#ToddlerClimbing: Competition Brewing!"

    Turns out that Sam & Cat aren't the only babysitters in town!

  • The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #7

    The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #7

    Lil' Sam and Lil' Cat go behind the scenes of Sam & Cat and give you the scoop on what's hot!

  • Meet Goomer

    Sam & Cat: Meet Goomer

    Under that tough MMA Fighter exterior, Goomer is really a softee.

  • Lost Control

    Sam & Cat: "#GooomerSitting: Lost Control"

    Sam and Cat have too many problems and it's all because of babysitting!

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