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  • Bromance For Life

    Sanjay & Craig: "Bromance For Life"

    From eating to farting, Sanjay and Craig do everything together!

  • Robo Dance Off

    Haunted Hathaways: "Robo Dance Off"


  • The Month of Love

    The Month of Love

    Love is in the air...or in some cases, maybe it isn't?

  • Crush Confusions

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Crush Confusions"

    Crushes may be tough, but remember you can't spell crush without a little u.

  • Around the World in 80 Grains!

    Breadwinners: "Around the World in 80 Grains!"

    BuhDeuce and SwaySway loaves traveling around the world.

  • What Does the What Say?

    Sanjay and Craig: "What Does the What Say?"

    You know what the fox says...but what about some of Nick's favorite animals?

  • Time 2 Move

    Time 2 Move

    Nickelodeon presents, the most moving piece of music you'll ever hear. Get ready to dance!

  • Rappid Rabbid Vs. Craig Stopper

    Sanjay and Craig: "Rappid Rabbid Vs. Craig Stopper"

    Whose beats bring you to your feet? It's Rappid Rabbid versus Craig Stopper in the ultimate showdown!

  • Hearts will be Bent

    Legend of Korra: "Hearts will be Bent"

    It takes more than a rose to steal the Avatar's heart. See which Nick bachelor will win in the stunning Season Finale.

  • Epic Split

    Sanjay and Craig: "Epic Split"

    This triple dare was set up to show the luxury of having a butt with two legs.

  • Do Something Cool!

    Sanjay & Craig: Do Something Cool!

    If you've ever wanted to see Benjamin Franklin fart, here's your chance.

  • Lost Laugh Auditions

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Lost Laugh Auditions"

    Go "behind the sponge" to see the lost laugh auditions of SpongeBob SquarePants.

  • Stink Tag

    Sanjay and Craig: Cup O'Universe: "Stink Tag"

    Watch out! Old milkshakes make for a great game of stink tag!

  • Belle Pepper is Dreamy

    Sanjay and Craig: "Belle Pepper is Dreamy"

    Sanjay's dreams are filled with bells and peppers.

  • Breaking News!

    Nick Sorta News: "Krusty Krab Under Siege"

    This rag tag team of toilet paper rolls will change the face of News as we know it. Or, the bottom...

  • Robo Revolution 2

    Sam & Cat: "Fake Trailer: Robo Revolution 2"

    Humans! The following fake movie contains scenes of Super-Robo-Techno-Cyber-Revolts!

  • Buggin' Out

    Sanjay and Craig: Trouble Dare: "Buggin' Out"

    A bug problem is making the Patel family a little bit antsy!

  • Scream Edition

    Sam & Cat: Prank Phone Call Master: "Scream Edition"

    You might want to put your phone on silent, you never know when The Prank Call Master will strike again!

  • Trouble Dare/Road Pizza

    Sanjay and Craig: "Trouble Dare/Road Pizza"

    The dudes play the Dicksons in an epic game of Family Double Dare. Craig gets possessed by an evil pizza demon that wants to destroy the Frycade.

  • Stuff Tuff Says

    Sanjay and Craig: "Stuff Tuff Says"

    Check out some of the best moments from buttermilk lovin' Remington Tufflips!

  • Fart Baby/Kung-Fu Catapult

    Sanjay and Craig: "Fart Baby/Kung-Fu Catapult"

    Sanjay and Craig are the proud parents of a baby fart. Sanjay and Craig agree to rid Tufflips' trailer of ghosts in return for a catapult.

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!