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  • Rad-Awesome Butt Doctors Tips

    NickGamer: Rad-Awesome Butt Doctors Tips

    NickGamer gives you the scoop on what it takes to be a Rad-Awesome Butt Doctor!

  • Meet The Creators!

    Sanjay and Craig: Meet The Creators!

    Hear from creators Andreas Trolf, Jay Howell and Jim Dirschberger of Nick's brand new series, Sanjay & Craig!

  • Rad Awesome Moments

    Sanjay and Craig: Rad Awesome Moments

    Hear more about the wild adventures of Sanjay and Craig!

  • Sanjay & Craig Karaoke

    Sanjay & Craig Karaoke

    Want to sing with the sweetest dudes alive? You know you want to!

  • Exclusive look at Sanjay and Craig

    Sanjay & Craig: "Weirdo Watching"

    When Sanjay & Craig can't waste time watching weirdos, they get weird!

  • Stuff Characters Say

    Stuff Characters Say

    Nick characters say the darndest things! Check out a sampling of their wacky words!

  • o I Look Just Like Tufflips?

    Sanjay and Craig: "Do I Look Just Like Tufflips?"

    Does Sanjay remotely look like his idol - Tufflips? You be the judge!

  • Voices Behind the Toons

    Sanjay & Craig: The Voices

    A lot of snakes tried out for Craig's role, but a human won in the end! Check out the voices behind Sanjay and Craig.

SpongeBob's Instaclam!

The votes are in: SpongeBob and his fave sea-shell network are the most LOL-worthy!


Catch all the top moments of the first-ever Kids' Choice Sports!