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  • Hunter Hayes: "21"

    Hunter Hayes: "21"

    Watch Hunter Hayes' new music video for his hit single, '21'!

  • Meet This Year’s Get Dirty Winner

    Get Dirty: Noah Juarez Gives Back!

    This year’s Get Dirty Winner Noah Juarez shows how he gives back!

  • Janitor Ghost

    100 Things to Do Before High School: "Janitor Ghost"

    Patti Macabre tells an old story of a janitor ghost that haunts the halls at night and scares everyone, even Principle Hader!

  • Stunts Reel

    Henry Danger: "Stunts Reel"

    Captain Man and Kid Danger have the craziest moves to beat the bad guys!

  • On Set of Game Over

    100 Things to Do Before High School: "On Set of Game Over"

    Take a look behind the scenes of 'Game Over', with Isabela Moner, Jaheem Toombs and Owen Joyner!

  • You Think You Know Emma...

    Every Witch Way: "You Think You Know Emma..."

    Things are going to be a little different with Emma's powers this season and it's going to change everything!

  • Mall Errands

    Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn: "Mall Errands"

    Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn are interrupted while watching their favorite movie to go run errands at the mall with their parents.

  • One Crazy Cruise

    One Crazy Cruise

    After being hypnotized on a cruise ship, a blended family of siblings wake up with no memory of what happened.

  • You Think You Know Daniel...

    Every Witch Way: "You Think You Know Daniel..."

    Get ready for some big surprises from Daniel this final season of Every Witch Way!

  • Marty's Exotic Animals

    Marty's Exotic Animals

    Marty tries to have Tony, an Amazonian parrot, impress the prettiest girl at school!

  • NickGamer: Basketball Stars

    NickGamer: "Basketball Stars"

    NickGamer gives you some tips and codes to be a pro at playing Nick Basketball Stars!

  • You Think You Know Andi...

    Every Witch Way: "You Think You Know Andi..."

    Andi and Emma are definitely going through something big on the upcoming season of Every Witch Way!

  • Dressed Up Rabbid

    Rabbids Invasion: "Dressed Up Rabbid"

    This Rabbid will do anything to get some help from his fellow Rabbids.

  • Big Time Double Date

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Double Date"

    Carlos and Jennifer go on a date. Kendall and Lucy go on a date as well, but not as themselves.

  • You Think You Know Jax...

    Every Witch Way: "You Think You Know Jax..."

    Rahart Adams gives a sneak peek into Season 4 and Jax's world is about to get seriously crazy!

  • The Pink Purloiner & Squid Wood

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "The Pink Purloiner/Squid Wood"

    SpongeBob's fave jellyfishing net is missing!/SpongeBob makes his own Squid-like friend!

  • Bus It Music Video

    Bus It!

    If you want it, Kids' Choice Sports awards got it!

  • You Think You Know...

    Every Witch Way: "You Think You Know..."

    There are some pretty exciting changes happening on the new season of Every Witch Way!

  • You Know You're From...

    SpongeBob Squarepants: "You Know You're From..."

    Bikini Bottom is home to the friendliest creatures under the sea!

  • Newbie QB Pt. II

    Bella and the Bulldogs: "Newbie QB Pt. II"

    Cheerleader Bella's dream comes true when she earns a chance to be QB of her middle school football team. The team does everything they can to make her give up, but Bella must rise to the challenge to make her dream a reality.

  • Athletic Hustle!

    Athletic Hustle!

    Will one of these competitors be America’s next soccer star?

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