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  • Puking Pumpkins

    The Thundermans: "Puking Pumpkins"

    Jack Griffo shows us how to make different kinds of chunckin' pumpkins for Halloween!

  • Practicing Lines

    ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: "Practicing Lines"

    Theodore is rehearsing for the school play, but Dave isn't paying much attention.

  • MeGo The Freakish Robot

    Game Shakers: "MeGo The Freakish Robot"

    A company asks Game Shakers to build a game based on a robot they created. The robot develops a bro-bot crush on Hudson and, jealous of Hudson's friendship with Trip, becomes depressed and malfunctions.

  • Henry and the Woodpeckers

    Henry Danger: "Henry and the Woodpeckers"

    Henry and the Woodpeckers:

  • Sync or Swim

    Power Rangers Dino Charge: "Sync or Swim"

    A playful rivalry between Tyler and Ivan becomes a problem when it interferes with the Rangers’ efforts to find and defuse a bomb that Sledge’s monsters have planted.

  • Be a Mad Scientist Thing!

    100 Things to Do Before High School: "Be a Mad Scientist Thing!"

    Stress and competition take their toll on each friend’s quest to take home the winning prize at the Pootatuck science fair.

  • ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: "Conquer Your Fear"

    Theodore surprises Alvin and Simon when faces his fear of clowns.

  • 10 Looks for Fall

    Henry Danger: "10 Looks for Fall"

    If you want to impress this fall season, grab a mirror and work on your hottest fall look.

  • Scary Theodore

    ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: "Scary Theodore"

    Theodore tries to sneak on Dave and scare the pants off him!

  • The Tooth of My True Love

    Pig Goat Banana Cricket: "The Tooth of My True Love"

    Goat is saved by a masked hero and believes he's her one true love. Pig becomes a musical chairs champion. Banana is mistaken for a Tubey Dude, a popular kid's toy. Cricket must go back to kindergarten.

  • What's Eating Patrick?/Extreme Spots"

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "What's Eating Patrick?/Extreme Spots"

    To defend Bikini Bottom’s honor, Patrick enters a Krabby Patty eating competition. SpongeBob and Patrick try to join the extreme sports team The Drasticals

  • Serpentco

    Sanjay and Craig: "Serpentco"

    The dudes go undercover with Tufflips to investigate a crime ring that’s pirating action hero’s movies.

  • Night Maid

    Harvey Beaks: "Night Maid"

    To save Littlebark from the rising tide of trash and litter, Harvey becomes the superhero his town needs.

  • Vampire 101

    Liar, Liar Vampire: "Vampire 101"

    David receives help from Cameron on how to fool the school into thinking he's a vampire.

  • Fearleaders

    Short and Funny: "Fearleaders"

    Meet the Fearleaders and see what they're all about!

  • Less Worse

    Henry Danger: "Henry and the Woodpeckers: Less Worse"

    The Woodpeckers are the worst team in the league, but Henry's here to help motivate them to victory!

  • Tiny Chair Problems

    Henry Danger: "Tiny Chair Problems"

    What happens when the cast of Henry Danger try to sit in a tiny chair? Find out here!

  • Meet Mego!

    Game Shakers: "Meet MeGo!"

    The Game Shakers add a new member to the team, MeGo. But Double G has his doubts about the freakish robot.

  • The Pun-dermans

    The Thundermans: "The Pun-dermans"

    Since the Thundermans love puns so much, we're renaming them the "Pun-dermans"! Get it?

  • Lil T's Arrival

    ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: "Lil T's Arrival"

    Say goodbye to Theodore, Lil T is here to stay!

  • Theodore's Song

    ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: "Theodore's Song"

    Theodore puts his song on the internet when Alvin and Simon don't bother to listen to it.

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