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  • Rabbid Playa/Radio Rabbid/Escalator Rabbid

    Rabbids Invasion: "Rabbid Playa/Radio Rabbid/Escalator Rabbid"

    The Rabbids have fun with a floating beach toy, the radio, and an escalator!

  • iLove You

    iCarly: "iLove You"

    Spencer's new girlfriend treats him like a kid. Freddie and Sam try to take an interest in each others hobbies.

  • Henry’s Jelly

    Henry Danger: "Henry's Jelly"

    After Jasper is lauded for being a local hero, Henry becomes jealous that Kid Danger is the one getting thanks while Henry himself gets nothing.

  • You Bet Your Bunny

    Game Shakers: "You Bet Your Bunny"

    The Game Shakers host a tournament to promote a new Sky Whale update! Double G bets Bunny, thinking Babe will beat one of her snotty classmates. Babe loses and Dub and the kids have to get Bunny back.

  • "Boys of Nick" Celebrity Edition

    Webheads: "Boys of Nick" Celebrity Edition

    Contestants compete in a series of mental and physical challenges centered on the internet's best viral videos. The final contender will battle the wheel of doom in hopes of winning the grand prize and riding the slime wave! Nick Talent: Curtis Harris, Cameron Ocasio, Tylen Williams, Jack Griffo

  • The Tooth of My True Love

    Pig Goat Banana Cricket: "The Tooth of My True Love"

    Goat is saved by a masked hero and believes he's her one true love. Pig becomes a musical chairs champion. Banana is mistaken for a Tubey Dude, a popular kid's toy. Cricket must go back to kindergarten.

  • 5 Signs You're Addicted To Instagram

    AwesomenessTV: "5 Signs You're Addicted To Instagram"

    From pranks, to character sketches, to parody music videos AwesomenessTV is here to entertain!

  • You’ve Got Fail

    The Thundermans: "You've Got Fail"

    Max tries to win an epic fail video contest by submitting a "fail" video of Phoebe as she practices ballet. When Phoebe learns of his plan she refuses to cooperate and Max goes to desperate measures to get the footage he needs.

  • Deep Down Under

    Power Rangers Dino Charge: "Deep Down Under"

    With the Purple Energem in hand, the Rangers race to find the Purple Plesio Zord before Sledge can destroy it for good.

  • Survive the Virus Attack Trapped in the Last Home Base Station on Earth Thing!

    100 Things to Do Before High School: "Survive the Virus Attack Trapped in the Last Home Base Station on Earth Thing!"

    When CJ and her friends find themselves at home alone for the night, they discover the challenges of taking care of themselves and realize that having mom and dad around isn’t so bad after all.

  • Yampions/Barkball

    Harvey Beaks: "Yampions/Barkball"

    It’s board game night at the Beaks’ house. Harvey teams up with his dad against his mom and the twins. When a little league coach rejects Harvey and his friends, they’re determined to prove him wrong in a winner-take-all game.

  • Alvin’s Secret Powers/Warbie

    ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks: "Alvin's Secret Powers/Warbie"

    Alvin tells Theodore that he has secret powers and can turn trash into candy. When The Chipmunks find a baby bird that’s fallen from its nest, Alvin is initially reluctant to get too attached.

  • Zombie Broheims

    Pig Goat Banana Cricket: "Zombie Broheims"

    Banana makes Pig his substitute Scoutmaster for the day. Banana joins a herd of zombies. Goat wants to be Customer of the Day at the Smoothie shop. Cricket awaits the best cookie in the world from being ready in his lab.

  • Galaxy Geeks/Freaks and Cheeks

    Sanjay and Craig: "Galaxy Geeks/Freaks and Cheeks"

    The epic “Alien Craig” fantasy space adventure continues with Noodman joining the kids on a new mission. Dog-sitting for Hector becomes Sanjay and Craig’s worst nightmare.

  • Guitar Zeroes/Heartyface

    Sanjay and Craig: "Guitar Zeroes/Heartyface"

    Sanjay and Craig seek out a mythic guitar legend. Craig becomes obsessed with gaining popularity on a social media website.

  • Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

    Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

    All your favorite Nick Stars are here to spread a little holiday cheer!

  • HALO Stories

    HALO Awards: "HALO Stories"

    Here are all the amazing stories from the HALO Awards!

  • Sing Bully Bully

    ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: "Sing Bully Bully"

    Alvin promises to protect Theodore from the school bully!

  • Know Your Nick 2.0

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Know Your Nick 2.0"

    It's that time again! Here's version 2.0 of Know Your Nick!

  • Jasper the Hero

    Henry Danger "Henry's Jelly: Jasper the Hero"

    Jasper has become Swellview's newest hero, but not everyone's excited about his fame.

  • Deck the Halls

    Make It Pop: "Deck the Halls"

    Let's get into the holiday spirit by singing "Deck the Halls" with Make It Pop!

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