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  • Pup in the Air

    TUFF Puppy: "Pup in the Air"

    Birdbrain uses an anti-gravity device to fly with disastrous results!

  • Tuff Choices: Indecisions

    TUFF Puppy: "Tuff Choices: Indecisions"

    Snaptrap's indecision to choose between cars and food gets him caught in his burglary attempt!

  • Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind: President of F.A.I.L.

    TUFF Puppy: "Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind: President of F.A.I.L."

    Dudley gains contact with extra-terrestial lifeforms through a very crude method of communication - bottled messages!

  • Jerry's Magic Shoe

    Jerry's Magic Shoe

    Jerry Trainor's got some fishy things stuck in his shoe.

  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: "Pizza Train Lost"

    T.U.F.F. Puppy: "Bark to the Future: Pizza Train Lost"

    Dudley and Kitty are tricked by The Chameleon into giving away the Pizza Train!

  • Time Waits for No Mutt: Alarm Overboard

    Tuff Puppy: "Time Waits for No Mutt: Alarm Overboard"

    When Agent Tuff Puppy is continually late to work, he has an alarming solution!

  • Pup Daddy: Young Gun

    TUFF Puppy: "Pup Daddy: Young Gun"

    Agent Dudley accidentally shoots all the TUFF agents with the young gun, turning them into teenagers!

  • Cold Fish: Captain No Pants

    TUFF Puppy: "Cold Fish: Captain No Pants"

    TUFF agent Dudley Puppy fights crime wearing no pants, but he might need some to defeat the Caped Cod!

  • Top Dog: Flea Collar Poison

    Tuff Puppy: "Top Dog: Flea Collar Poison"

    The Chief gets poisoned by Dudley's new flea collar and a replacement must be found!

  • Dog House: Part Pants

    Tuff Puppy: "Dog House: Part Pants"

    Part-Pants is definitely not Snap-Trap spelled backwards!

  • Dudley Do-Wrong: World's Greatest Mayor

    Tuff Puppy: "Dudley Do-Wrong: World's Greatest Mayor"

    When Dudley finds out Chameleon is going to impersonate the Mayor, he makes a bad mistake and gets the Tuff team shut down!

  • Lie Like a Dog: Caught by Surprize

    Tuff Puppy: "Lie Like a Dog: Caught by Surprize"

    Agent Tuff Puppy must get across town quick to stop an evil dentist!

  • Monkey Business: Hunky Performance

    TUFF Puppy: "Monkey Business: Hunky Performance"

    The Hunky Monkeys perform for the TUFF gang!

  • A Doomed Christmas: Revenge On Santa

    TUFF Puppy: "A Doomed Christmas: Revenge On Santa"

    Snaptrap and the other criminals are teaming together to get revenge on Santa. They want to steal all the toys before he can deliver them!

  • TUFF Puppy: "The Curse of King Mutt: Buried Treasure"

    TUFF Puppy: "The Curse of King Mutt: Buried Treasure"

    Dudley can't help but bury things, even if they are priceless jewels from a museum!

  • Snappy Campers: Nachos in the Mess Hall

    TUFF Puppy: "Snappy Campers: Nachos in the Mess Hall"

    Snaptrap heads back to summer camp, where he was outcast as a young diabolical rat.

  • Lucky Duck: Pumpkin Latte

    TUFF Puppy: "Lucky Duck: Pumpkin Latte"

    The Chameleon does his best to scare the TUFF agents with his latest scheme. Too bad they care more about watching cartoons.

  • The Rat Pack: Double the Dudley!

    T.U.F.F. Puppy: "The Rat Pack: Double the Dudley!"

    When the city is being overtaken by a group of Snaptrap clones, Dudley decides to make the most of himself - literally!

  • Law and Odor: Murray!

    TUFF Puppy: "Law and Odor: Murray!"

    Dudley learns of a menacing new villain in Petropolis, named Murray!

  • Forget Me Mutt: Sewage Shenanigans

    T.U.F.F. Puppy: "Forget Me Mutt: Sewage Shenanigans"

    Snaptrap has something disgusting planned for the fair city of Petropolis.

  • Mind Trap: So Many Bear Traps!

    T.U.F.F. Puppy: "Mind Trap: So Many Bear Traps!"

    Dudley and Kitty run into a slippery situation when Snaptrap predicts their heroic arrival.

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