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  • Tori's Total Transformation

    Victorious: "Tori's Total Transformation"

    Victoria Justice rocked some pretty crazy outfits for the filming of "Tori Goes Platinum".

  • How Trina Got In: Sushi Showdown

    Victorious: "How Trina Got In: Sushi Showdown"

    When Robbie and Tori can't pay for their sushi, they stand to lose more than their lunches.

  • Driving Tori Crazy: No Sweat!

    Victorious: "Driving Tori Crazy: No Sweat!"

    Beck offers Tori a ride to school after Trina's car turns into a moving yoga studio.

  • April Fools Blank: Shut Up N Dance

    Victorious: "April Fools Blank: Shut Up N Dance"

    Victoria and the gang bust out their moves to help Mr. Drysdale.

  • April Fool's Blank: A Bathroom Classic

    Victorious: "April Fool's Blank: A Bathroom Classic"

    Hollywood Arts is transformed into the fairy tale world of Oz, starring Cat, Tori, and Jade!

  • Victorious: "Tori & Jade's Play Date Take a Hint"

    Victorious: "Tori & Jade's Play Date: Take a Hint"

    Tori and Jade team up to deliver a very clear message to all the creepy guys out there.

  • Andre's Horrible Girl: Countdown

    Victorious: "Andre's Horrible Girl: Countdown"

    Andre and Tori make the party rock with their new track "Countdown"!

  • Car, Rain, Fire: Death by Water Gun

    Victorious: "Car, Rain, Fire: Death by Water Gun"

    Tori, Jade, and Cat travel far away to pay tribute to their favorite TV star. Only to get sprayed with a water gun.

  • Andre's Horrible Girl: Looking Sharp

    Victorious: "Andre's Horrible Girl: Looking Sharp"

    While he may look good, Andre's new girl is going to cause trouble!

  • The Worst Couple: Poker Night

    Victorious: "The Worst Couple: Poker Night"

    Tori takes a gamble by not inviting Jade and Beck to poker night at her house.

  • Gorilla Club: Deadly Fun

    Victorious: "Gorilla Club: Deadly Fun"

    Sometimes you want to go somewhere you can fight a gorilla, ride a mechanical bunny the shoots flames, and potentially die.

  • The Breakfast Bunch: Detention Dictator

    Victorious: "The Breakfast Bunch: Detention Dictator"

    Trading in your phone for a platter of lukewarm tuna salad? It's going to be a long Saturday in detention for the Hollywood Arts crew.

  • The Breakfast Bunch: Don't You Forget About Me

    Victorious: "The Breakfast Bunch: Don't You Forget About Me"

    Victoria and company put a new twist on an eighties classic that you'll never "forget"!

  • The Cast of Victorious Gets Detention!

    Nick Stars Exclusive: The Cast of Victorious Gets Detention!

    Get a behind the scenes look at the making of "The Breakfast Bunch". The cast of Victorious must survive detention!

  • Blooptorious: Jade's Best Moments

    Victorious: "Blooptorious: Jade's Best Moments"

    She may be quick with an insult, but sometimes it takes Liz Gillies - Jade - a few times to nail her lines!

  • Victorious: "What a Great Year!"

    Victorious: "What a Great Year!"

    2011 sure was a great year for the Victorious gang! From the 'Mmm Bops' to the jailhouse jams in Yerba, here's a look back!

  • A Christmas Tori: Secret Santa, Super Lame

    Victorious: "A Christmas Tori: Secret Santa, Super Lame"

    Tori shows off the Secret Santa gift she made for Andre. After Trina's reaction, she might want to keep it a secret!

  • A Christmas Tori: It's Not Christmas Without You

    Victorious: "A Christmas Tori: It's Not Christmas Without You"

    Tori, Cat, and Jade put on a rocking holiday performance of "It's Not Christmas Without You!"

  • Season's Greetings from Victoria!

    Season's Greetings from Victoria!

    She doesn't have a white beard and hat, but Victoria Justice uses her own style to say Happy Holidays!

  • Victorious: Happy Halloween from Hollywood Arts!

    Victorious: Happy Halloween from Hollywood Arts!

    It's Halloween, and Hollywood Arts never misses out on a chance to dress up and get weird! Here's a look at some of the spookiest moments to date!

  • Terror on Cupcake Street: Roadside Assistance

    Victorious: "Terror on Cupcake Street: Roadside Assistance"

    Tori and the gang have one of those days where they're on the wrong street, at the wrong time, in a giant cupcake.

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!