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  • The Wood: Reality Show Romance

    Victorious: "The Wood: Reality Show Romance"

    Beck and Tori have a scandalous phone call on a reality TV show, but is it movie magic?

  • The Wood: New Show in Town

    Victorious: "The Wood: New Show in Town"

    A new reality show called "The Wood" is being filmed at Tori's school.

  • Wok Star: Well Wishes

    Victorious: "Wok Star: Well Wishes"

    Cat gets big applause for a performance in Jade's original play. Trina performs elsewhere.

  • Wok Star: The Full 3000

    Victorious: "Wok Star: The Full 3000"

    Jade meets the woman who's funding her play, and finds she won't be easy to work with.

  • Wok Star: Weird & Disturbing

    Victorious: "Wok Star: Weird & Disturbing"

    Jade gets frustrated when she can't find funding for her original play.

  • The Diddly Bops: Song To You

    Victorious: "The Diddly Bops: Song To You"

    Andre transforms a silly kindergarten song into an irresistibly catchy new anthem.

  • The Diddly Bops: Catchy Like A Rash

    Victorious: "The Diddly Bops: Catchy Like A Rash"

    Andre drowns his creative sorrows over a crumby new song in "chocolate beverage."

  • The Diddly Bops: Mm Mm Cheese

    Victorious: "The Diddly Bops: Mm Mm Cheese"

    The Victorious crew dresses up in delicious costumes to sing about favorite foods.

  • The Diddly Bops

    Victorious: "The Diddly Bops: Broken Glass"

    The gang is trying to write a song for kids, but Robbie has the worst idea ever!

  • Victorious: Rex is Dead: Move Your Body

    Victorious: "Rex is Dead: Move Your Body"

    Tori and Robbie sing Rex his favorite song at his hospital bedside.

  • Rex is Dead: Tornado Time

    Victorious: "Rex is Dead: Tornado Time"

    A wind machine swallows Robbie's beloved dummy, Rex. Will he survive?!

  • Holiday Tunes: "Jingle Bells"

    Holiday Tunes: "Jingle Bells"

    Jingle all the way with your fave Nick stars as they sing this holiday favorite!

  • Freak The Freak Out: Killer Karaoke

    Victorious: "Freak The Freak Out: Killer Karaoke"

    Jade and Cat easily blow the crowd away at a karaoke contest. They're amazing!

  • Freak the Freak Out

    Victorious: "Freak the Freak Out" Music Video

    A party erupts into a full-on Victorious dance battle when Tori belts her latest ballad.

  • Cat's New Boyfriend: Tori Terror

    Victorious: "Cat's New Boyfriend: Tori Terror"

    Cat completely freaks out at school when Tori confronts her about dating her ex.

  • Cat's New Boyfriend: Like A Cloud

    Victorious: "Cat's New Boyfriend: Like A Cloud"

    Trina shows off the incredible smoothness of her foot to a crowd of cooing onlookers.

  • The Great Ping Pong Scam: Denied!

    Victorious: "The Great Ping Pong Scam: Denied!"

    Tori the ping pong pro takes on Beck, Andre and anybody else brave enough to face her.

  • Beck's Big Break: Snot Funny

    Victorious: "Beck's Big Break: Snot Funny"

    Robbie has a revolting nightmare about Rex that is not for the weak of stomach.

  • Ask Victoria Justice

    Ask Victoria Justice

    Victoria Justice answers your questions!

  • Wi-Fi In The Sky: Focus!

    Victorious: "Wi-Fi In The Sky: Focus!"

    Tori the super student tries to do group work over video chat, but nobody will cooperate.

  • Ask Victoria Justice

    Ask Victoria Justice

    The cutie-pie Victorious star answers YOUR questions, taken directly from the boards.

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