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  • Zombie Time Lapse

    Victorious: Zombie Time Lapse

    It took Victoria Justice hours to transform into a zombie. See it in under five minutes!

  • Birthweek Song: Rough Start

    Victorious: "Birthweek Song: Rough Start"

    Trina and Jade both sabotage Tori, one after another. What a rotten day! What an ugly hat!

  • Stage Fighting: Butternut

    Victorious: "Stage Fighting: Butternut"

    Did Tori really hurt Jade? Or is Tori getting played by Jade?

  • Stage Fighting: Tori Vs Jade

    Victorious: "Stage Fighting: Tori Vs Jade"

    Jade gets a shot at sweet revenge when she and Tori are paired up for a fight scene.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Victorious: "Behind the Scenes"

    Victoria belts out "Make It Shine" in the recording studio & offers a word of advice.

  • The Bird Scene: Performance

    Victorious: "The Bird Scene: Performance"

    Tori Vega brings the Midwestern prairie to Hollywood Arts with an impressive monologue.

  • The Bird Scene: Testing Tori

    Victorious: "The Bird Scene: Testing Tori"

    Sikowitz gives Tori an odd assignment to complete before auditioning for the school play.

  • Very Victorious

    Very Victorious

    Watch Victorious highlights, Victoria Justice music videos and more. It's totally Tori!

  • "Faster Than Boyz" Music Video

    Victorious: "Faster Than Boyz"

    Let Tori and the gang push you to be Faster Than Boyz in this music video!

  • Music Video: Birthweek Song: You're The Reason

    Victorious: "Birthweek Song: You're The Reason"

    Who's the only reason Tori's not afraid to fly? It's YOU! Listen to her slammin' new song.

  • Victorious: Make It Shine

    Victorious: "Theme Song: Make It Shine"

    Watch as Tori Vega belts out the Victorious theme song in a sparkly silver dress.

  • Series Premiere: Make It Shine

    Victorious: "Series Premiere: Make It Shine"

    Tori's sister calls her average but since when does "average" sing and dance like this?

  • Series Premiere: Alphabet Kiss

    Victorious: "Series Premiere: Alphabet Kiss"

    It's Tori vs. Jade in an alphabetical acting exercise. Then it's Tori and Beck's turn.

  • Series Premiere: Normal

    Victorious: "Series Premiere: Normal"

    Tori feels less than artsy on her first day at Hollywood Arts.

  • Series Premiere: Inflamed Tongue

    Victorious: "Series Premiere: Inflamed Tongue"

    Major backfire! Trina takes an herb gurgle for her voice and now her tongue could explode.

  • Series Premiere: Power Ballad

    Victorious: "Series Premiere: Power Ballad"

    Tori offers constructive criticism to her big sis. Trina's not buying it.

  • Series Premiere: Dress The Part

    Victorious: "Series Premiere: Dress The Part"

    Trina shares her performing philosopy.

  • Series Premiere: Mold Bush

    Victorious: "Series Premiere: Mold Bush"

    Tori's science project is spongey and stinky while her sister, Trina, has showcase drama.

  • The Slap Fight: Follow Me!

    Victorious: "The Slap Fight: Follow Me!"

    Robbie and Beck are being total hunks to gain followers on The Slap, so Tori brings in the big gun - Sinjin.

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