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  • Avan's Drum Circle

    Avan's Drum Circle

    If he wasn't acting, how would Avan Jogia be spending his time?

  • Avan's Looking Sneezy!

    Avan's Looking Sneezy!

    We're takin' bets. Who NOSE what Avan Jogia's about to sneeze up?!

  • Puppet vs. Popstar

    Puppet vs. Popstar

    Rex is wreaking havoc on Hollywood Arts and not even Robby can stop him!

  • Victorious With Lasers

    Victorious With Lasers

    Brace yourself! This STUNNING never-before-seen Victorious footage will have you BEAMING with excitement!

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Matt!

    Cloudy with a Chance of Matt!

    Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice spot a rather curious cumulus cloud in the sky.

  • Vic Freaks the Freak Out!

    Vic Freaks the Freak Out!

    Victoria's big secret is finally brought into the light!

  • Victoria Gets Literal!

    Victorious: Literal Music Video: "You're the Reason"

    Victoria Justice makes it VERY clear that "You're the Reason."

  • Ariana's Used Toothbrush

    Ariana's Used Toothbrush

    Brush up on Ariana Grande's latest offer!

  • "The Hambone King: New Talents"

    Victorious: "The Hambone King: New Talents"

    Robbie is the talk of the high school when he shows off his new talents!

  • Lots of Laughs

    Victorious: Lots of Laughs

    Victorious is always good for a laugh, and this playlist is sure to make your sides hurt!

  • Victorious: "Trina's Adventures"

    Victorious: "Trina's Adventures"

    Daniella Monet shares what Trina will do after Victorious.

  • Victorious: "Beck's Future Plans"

    Victorious: "Beck's Future Plans"

    Avan Jogia lets you in on what Beck plans to do in the future!

  • "Future for Tori Vega?"

    Victorious: "Future for Tori Vega?"

    What does the future hold for Tori Vega? Let Victoria Justice answer that for you!

  • "Bad Boys"

    Victorious: "Bad Boys"

    Tori sings you a song with an explosive ending that you don't want to miss!

  • "Faster Than Boyz" Music Video

    Victorious: "Faster Than Boyz"

    Tori and Andre don't have time to wait for you! You need to be Faster Than Boyz in this Victorious Music Video!

  • The Bad Roommate: Andre's Grandma

    Victorious: "The Bad Roommate: Andre's Grandma"

    Rain, Orange Juice, and Helicopters. Andre's Grandma is out of her mind!

  • Rex and Robbie Forever!

    Victorious: Rex and Robbie Forever!

    Rex and Robbie go together like two peas in a pod! Watch their best moments here!

  • Robbie Sells Rex: The Exchange

    Victorious: "Robbie Sells Rex: The Exchange"

    Robbie, Tori, and Jade sell Rex for $2000!

  • One Thousand Berry Balls: Counter Cleanser

    Victorious: "One Thousand Berry Balls: Counter Cleanser"

    Tori's love for yogurt toppings is bittersweet.

  • You Don't Know Me Music Video

    Victorious: Liz Gillies "You Don't Know Me"

    She's dangerous. Not convinced? Liz Gillies says it all with her new song, "You Don't Know Me"!

  • Tori Fixes Beck & Jade: Life Plans

    Victorious: "Tori Fixes Beck & Jade: Life Plans"

    Beck has life plans: planting a vegetable garden and avoiding Jade's jealous wrath!

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