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  • Freak the Freak Out

    Victorious: "Freak the Freak Out" Music Video

    A party erupts into a full-on Victorious dance battle when Tori belts her latest ballad.

  • Cat's New Boyfriend: Tori Terror

    Victorious: "Cat's New Boyfriend: Tori Terror"

    Cat completely freaks out at school when Tori confronts her about dating her ex.

  • Cat's New Boyfriend: Like A Cloud

    Victorious: "Cat's New Boyfriend: Like A Cloud"

    Trina shows off the incredible smoothness of her foot to a crowd of cooing onlookers.

  • The Great Ping Pong Scam: Denied!

    Victorious: "The Great Ping Pong Scam: Denied!"

    Tori the ping pong pro takes on Beck, Andre and anybody else brave enough to face her.

  • Beck's Big Break: Snot Funny

    Victorious: "Beck's Big Break: Snot Funny"

    Robbie has a revolting nightmare about Rex that is not for the weak of stomach.

  • Ask Victoria Justice

    Ask Victoria Justice

    Victoria Justice answers your questions!

  • Wi-Fi In The Sky: Focus!

    Victorious: "Wi-Fi In The Sky: Focus!"

    Tori the super student tries to do group work over video chat, but nobody will cooperate.

  • Ask Victoria Justice

    Ask Victoria Justice

    The cutie-pie Victorious star answers YOUR questions, taken directly from the boards.

  • Wi-Fi In The Sky: No Chiz

    Victorious: "Wi-Fi In The Sky: No Chiz"

    Plane pals Tori and Trina manage to stir up some drama, even 30,000 feet in the air.

  • Jade Dumps Beck: Awww!

    Victorious: "Jade Dumps Beck: Awww!"

    Tori witnesses a sweet, romantic moment between Jade and Beck. And then she ruins it.

  • Survival of the Hottest: Last Resort

    Victorious: "Survival of the Hottest: Last Resort"

    Andre proves that no matter how bad it get, you can always make things better by singing.

  • Survival of the Hottest: Maximum Hot-itude

    Victorious: "Survival of the Hottest: Maximum Hot-itude"

    The Victorious crew starts to crack up after being locked in a hot trailer for hours.

  • Robarazzi: You Taste 'Em!

    Victorious: "Robarazzi: You Taste 'Em!"

    Robbie comes up with a delicious new twist to save his old website from going under.

  • Robarazzi: Psychotic Rampage

    Victorious: "Robarazzi: Psychotic Rampage"

    Tori, Andre, Beck and Cat crash Robbie's Robarazzi meeting and start a monster fight.

  • Robarazzi: Not Cool!

    Victorious: "Robarazzi: Not Cool!"

    Robbie ruffles his friends' feathers with his controversial online gossip show.

  • Music Video: Finally Falling

    Victorious: "Finally Falling"

    A behind the scenes look at Victoria in the recording studio.

  • Music Video: Finally Falling

    Victorious: "Finally Falling"

    Enter the studio with Victoria Justice for the recording of new single, "Finally Falling."

  • Tori The Zombie: Grizzly Glue

    Victorious: "Tori The Zombie: Grizzly Glue"

    Tori gets a hideous zombie make-up job that comes with a terrible surprise.

  • Tori The Zombie: Finally Falling

    Victorious: "Tori The Zombie: Finally Falling"

    It takes major guts for Tori to show her zombie face onstage, let alone to perform!

  • Music Video: Finally Falling

    Victorious: "Finally Falling"

  • Jade Dumps Beck: Burrito Abuse

    Victorious: "Jade Dumps Beck: Burrito Abuse"

    When Beck shows up to school with a new crush, Jade takes her anger out on her lunch.

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