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  • Home at Last: Aisha's Revenge

    Winx Club: "Home at Last: Aisha's Revenge"

    Aisha swears to get revenge on the Wizards of the Black Circle!

  • The Fairy of Justice: Wizard's Surrender

    Winx Club: "The Fairy of Justice: Wizard's Surrender"

    The Wizards of the Black Circle surrender to the Winx to return for protection from Morgana!

  • The Amazon Forest: The Gift of Sophix

    Winx Club: "The Amazon Forest: The Gift of Sophix"

    Etherial Fairies give the Winx one of the Gifts of Destiny: The Sophix!

  • Diana's Redemption: Warrior Fairies Attack

    Winx Club: "Diana's Redemption: Warrior Fairies Attack"

    Diana uses nature energy to capture the Winx!

  • Virtual Hideout: Rock Band

    Winx: "Virtual Hideout: Rock Band"

    Musa suggests to take a break from researching by forming a rock band!

  • The New Witch In Town: Stella's Jealousy

    Winx Club: "The New Witch In Town: Stella's Jealousy"

    Stella leaves the pet shop early and acts strange when she sees Brandon.

  • Bringing Magic Back: Surprise Call

    Winx Club: "Bringing Magic Back: Surprise Call"

    The Winx get updates from Faragonda about their mission!

  • Roxy's Energy: Help from the Boys

    Winx Club: "Roxy's Energy: Help from the Boys"

    The Specialists protect the Winx from the Wizards of the Black Circle long enough so that they can make their escape!

  • Super Heroes: A Solution

    Winx Club: "Super Heroes: A Solution"

    Tecna may have found a way to make humans believe in their powers!

  • The Audition: Please Believe

    Winx: "The Audition: Please Believe"

    The Winx are out on the town, trying to convince humans to believe in magic!

  • Nebula's White Circle: Musa's Discovery

    Winx Club: "Nebula's White Circle: Musa's Discovery"

    Musa has a big audition with music producer Jason Queen!

  • Hidden In the Country: Road Trip

    Winx: "Hidden In the Country: Road Trip"

    The Winx take Roxy to a house in the country side, but the Wizards of the Black Circle are hot on their trail!

  • Winx Club: Roxy's Escape

    Winx: "I Believe In You: Roxy's Escape"

    Can Roxy run away from the Wizards and avoid the portal?

  • A Fairy Found: Misunderstanding

    Winx Club: "A Fairy Found: Misunderstanding"

    Sky and the Specialists stop by the apartment to find there are band guys helping their girlfriends.

  • Orgon's Spell: Pet Trap

    Winx Club: "Orgon's Spell: Pet Trap"

    The Wizards of the Black Circle set a trap at the pet shop!

  • The Wizards of the Black Circle: Hall of Enchantments

    Winx Club: "The Wizards of the Black Circle: Hall of Enchantments"

    The Winx begin to learn about the Power of Believix!

  • The Secret of the Lost Kingdom: Heavy Metal

    Winx: "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom: Heavy Metal"

    Bloom and team battle some tough metal villains, can she stop them in their tracks before it's too late?

  • Defeating Valtor

    Winx Club Defeating Valtor

    Valtor is causing a mess of trouble for the Magic Dimension and it's up to the Winx to save the day. Check out these butt-kicking episodes!

  • Saving Tecna

    Winx Club Playlist: Saving Tecna

    The Winx Club is full of the most fabulous fairies around. Check them all out in these new episodes!

  • Finding Your Way: Trix Up Your Sleeve

    Winx Club: "Finding Your Way: Trix Up Your Sleeve"

    The Trix attack the Winx while they are on a serious mission to get the water stars.

  • The Water Stars: Blooms Parents

    Winx Club: "The Water Stars: Blooms Parents"

    Bloom and the Winx are about to defeat Valtor when he reveals a major secret about Bloom's parents!

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